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CARMALT - U.S. Presidents and facts

Commander of Continental Army President of Constitutional Convention Unanimously elected 2 times Increased states in Union from 11 to 16 George Washington
Held no political office prior to presidency Mining Engineer in Australia, China and England Circled Globe 5 times by age 33 Orphaned at age 9 Herbert Hoover
Former Jr. US Senator from Illinois President of Harvard Law Review Practiced as a civil rights attorney First African-American President Barack Obama
First president from a poor family War hero nicknamed "Old Hickory" Founder of the Democratic Party Arkansas and Mississippi joined union Andrew Jackson
Former Indiana Territory governor Studied to become a doctor First Whig president 2nd Oldest president every elected William Henry Harrison
Former Virginia governor 1st Vice President to become president on death of predecessor Became "President without a Party" when Whig's severed all ties Florida joined Union John Tyler
Former Virginia governor Believed in Jeffersonian Democracy (states' rights) Author of Declaration of Independence Ohio joined Union Thomas Jefferson
Served 18 years as Member of Congress after presidency Named "Old Man Eloquent" because of his persuasive speeches First President photographed Son of former president John Quincy Adams
Former Tennessee governor Was Speaker of the House First dark-horse (little-known) candidate Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin joined Union James Knox Polk
Turned down NFL contract to study law Appointed Richard Nixon's vice president when Spiro Agnew resigned Succeeded President Nixon when he resigned Only president who did not win election as vice president or president Gerald Ford
Former Virginia governor Signed Missouri Compromise Received all but 1 electoral vote in 1820 election Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri joined Union James Monroe
First president to have child in White House Only president to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms Sent federal troops to break up train strike that interfered with mail Utah joined Union Grover Cleveland
Former Georgia governor Peanut farmer First graduate of U.S. Naval Academy to become president Negotiated Camp David peace accord between Egypt and Israel James "Jimmy" Carter
Former California governor Oldest elected president Iran hostages released on Inauguration Day Former actor appearing in over 50 movies Ronald Reagan
Former Editor-publisher by trade First to ride in car to inauguration First to broadcast speech over radio First to visit Canada and Alaska Warren Harding
Former Ohio governor Spanish-American War victory Aided Cuba's fight for independence Hawaii became territory William McKinley
Former Tennessee governor Tailor by trade Only southern senator during Civil War who refused to secede with his state Nebraska joined Union Andrew Johnson
No prior political experience U.S. "Unconditional Surrender" Grant Continued Southern Construction Colorado joined Union Ulysses S. Grant
Former New Jersey governor Only president to earn PH.D. Started regular press conference Created League of Nations Woodrow Wilson
Former Ohio governor Congress had to create special commission to decide the election Declared winner of election just 56 hours before inauguration Volunteer counsel for Underground Railway Rutherford B. Hayes
Sworn in as president on Air Force One Passed civil rights measures Passed anti-poverty measures Established Medicare Lyndon B. Johnson
Former teacher and preacher Last president to be born in a log cabin At the Republican Convention, he received NO votes on first presidential ballot Served only 6 months James Garfield
Called "Little Ben" because of his size Grandson of 9th president Inaugurated 100 years after Washington Electricity installed in White House Benjamin Harrison
Only person whose vice presidential and presidential terms were not consecutive Congratulated by special transmission the first man on the moon Improved relations with China Improved relations with Soviet Union Richard Nixon
Formerly soldier for 40 years Called "Old Rough and Ready" by troops for unkempt appearance Never voted until his own election Died in White House after 16 months in office Zachary Taylor
Former Collector of Port of New York but was removed due to corruption Defender of civil rights for blacks Well-dressed, called "Gentleman Boss" Passed first civil service law Chester Arthur
Formerly Illinois lawyer First Republican president Portrait on $5 bill and penny West Virginia and Nevada joined Union Abraham Lincoln
Married his teacher Last Whig president Compromise of 1850 delayed Civil War California joined Union Millard Fillmore
40 years prior service in Congress Only bachelor president Campaigned on "Save the Union" theme Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas joined Union James Buchanan
Formerly New York Governor Paralyzed by polio Expanded government to fight Great Depression "New Deal" relief programs Franklin D. Roosevelt
Former Arkansas governor Elected to presidency while still governor Impeached by Congress Senate acquitted his congressional impeachment William "Bill" Jefferson Clinton
First president born in the 20th century Established Peace Corps Youngest man elected president First Catholic president John F. Kennedy
Former New York governor Reputation as an honest politician First Democrat president after Civil War Only president to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms Grover Cleveland
Formerly New Hampshire senator Appointed Jefferson Davis, future President of the Confederate States, as Secretary of War Supported immigrants rights Purchased land from Mexico, establishing present border Franklin Pierce
First television campaign Supreme Allied Commander during WWII Nickname "Ike" Hawaii and Alaska joined Union Dwight D. Eisenhower
Middle name just the initial "S" because of family disagreement Sign on his desk: "The Buck Stops Here" Ordered use of atomic bomb Start of Cold War with U.S.S.R. Harry S. Truman
Former Massachusetts governor Sworn in as president by his father, a justice of the peace Believed in minimal government Named "Silent Cal" for refusal to engage in small talk Calvin Coolidge
Former Director of the CIA Father of a president Fall of Berlin Wall Collapse of Soviet Union George H.W. Bush
Successfully defended British soldiers accused of murder in Boston Massacre Negotiated Treat of Paris in 1783, ending American Revolution Signed Declaration of Independence He and Thomas Jefferson died on 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence John Adams
Former Texas governor Closest election result in presidential history Declared winner 36 days after election Declared himself as a "compassionate conservative" George Bush
Former New York governor Nobel Peace Prize recipient for ending Russo-Japanese War Doubled the number of national parks Oklahoma joined Union Theodore Roosevelt
1st President as prior Congressman Father of Constitution Helped draft Bill of Rights Louisiana and Indiana joined Union James Madison
Formerly Civilian Governor of Philippines Largest President at 6 feet, 300 pounds Established Income Tax Arizona ad New Mexico joined Union William Taft
Formerly Governor of New York Ran for President 3 times "O.K." comes from his campaign slogan: "Old Kinderhook" No states joined Union Martin Van Buren
Created by: EM4CARMALT