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Frankenstein Questions

Why is Robert so incontent in the ship? He has no friend, to share his joy with or to cheer him up. He has no one he can truly relate to.
Why does Robert want to travel to the Arctic? He wants fame and glory.
How did Robert's parents meet, and how did their relationship affect him? Robert's mother was his father's best friends daughter. Their relationship was full of love, and happiness, and this rubbed off on him, he says that he was a "spoiled" child.
Who were Victor's inspirations, and what made him want to pursue this field? He was inspired by scientists like Paracelcus. He said he wanted to become a scientist because he wanted fame and to prove to people that scientist were not crazy.
What is Romanticism? Romanticism focuses on "what you feel" versus the structure of something. It also focused on nature.
How does romanticism play a role in Victor's story? Victor is ver affected by nature and when his mood changes so does the weather and often, the setting.
Who is Cleveral and how do he and Victor meet up again? Cleveral is Victor's best friend, and they meet again at college, by coincidence.
What does Elizabeth's letter to Victor say? Elizabeth asks Victor how he is since she heard he has been sick. She hopes that he gets better soon, and to write when he is feeling better.
What does Victor's father's letter say? His letter tells Victor that tradgedie has struck, and that his little brother William was murdered and Elizabeth is in a bad state now. He then asks Victor to come home.
What is Robert's first impression of Victor? He finds that he's emaciated, and that he is European. He finds that after a few days that Victor is the friend he was seeking.
How do the Frankenstein's know Justine? Justine's mother was a family friend, she had four children,and when Justine's mother became ill, Justine was allowed to come and live with the Frankenstein's. After her mother and her brothers and sister died she stayed permanently.
Why does Victor feel so guilty? He knows that Justine did not kill William, that his monster did, but he doesn't know how to tell anyone this, and he can't becuase then he would be blamed.
What is Victor's first reaction to his creation? He is horrified, dissapointed, and scared. He runs from his creation.
What is Victor's reaction to seeing the monster after the death of William? At first he begins to attack the monster, and then when the monster tells him that he could easily beat him, he stops and verbally abuses him instead.
What does the monster say to Victor? The monster tells Victor that he is his creation, and he is in some ways Adam; innocent but blamed; and in some ways Satan; evil and terrible. He also asks Victor to listen to his story before he kills him.
Who are the De Lacey family? The De Lacey's are the people who's barn the monster stays in after he escapes from the lab. He learns many things from them, such as new words, and how to speak.
What is the people in village's first reaction to the monster? They are scared and attack the monster. The shepherd also runs away screaming.
How did Victor's mother die? Elizabeth contracted Scarlet Fever, and while her mother was caring for her, she contracted it, Elizabeth got better, but their mother did not.
Where is Victor's home and where does he attend college? Victor's home town in Geneva, and he attends college in Ingolstadt.
Why did Elizabeth blame herself for William's death? Elizabeth blames herself because she feels as if she ought to have been watching William more carefully.
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