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Old Man & Sea Vocab

Activities for E. Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea

skif a small, flat-bottomed boat
salao unlucky
gaff a handled hook for holding or lifting heavy fish
furled wrapped or rolled
coiled rolled or twisted
gaunt extremely thin
benevolent abundant
humility the quality of not bragging or boasting about one's accomplishments
guano royal palm leaves
bodega bar
terminal of the lottery lottery ticket
bitt a post on the deck of a boat, usually with rope attached,used either to secure the boat or to tow it
bow the front end of a boat
brisa Spanish for breeze
calumbre Spanish for a cramp
cast net A round, weighted net designed to be thrown downward and pulled back by strings. Used for catching small bait fish.
dentuso Something having big teeth.
dorado Spanish for "golden"
fathom a sea term meaning 6 feet deep
flying fish a fish with a long pectoral fin which looks like a wing
hawk-bill a deep sea turtle that's very valuable
juego Spanish for "game" or "sport"
loggerhead large deep sea turtle that isn't so valuable
plankton tiny plants and aniimals that float in water
Que Va Spanish for "that's life" or "whatever happens, happens"
salac a Cuban word that means if you have bad luck you can spread it to other people
thole pins pegs set into the upper edge of the side of a boat. The oars are attached to these.
thwart the wide board that goes across the middle of the boat for people to sit on.
Created by: mrsb3444