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RISE 2016

RISE 2016 TQs

Do all patients with cirrhosis with elevated INRs need plasma transfusion? No. They also have a diminished amount of anti-coagulant proteins. They live in a new equilibrium.
An antibody ID panel of a 43YOWF is positive in every cell. Autocontrol is negative. DTT is used to treat the panel cells. All cells are now non-reactive. The most likely antibody from this list is: e, Jk3, Kpb or U Kpb. Kell antigens are destroyed by DTT
Narcolepsy is associated with this HLA molecule DQ6
Mitigation strategies for TRALI 1. male only plasma products or never pregnant females 2. HLA antibody testing of females with h/o pregnancy
Best candidates for perioperative autologous donations 1. rare blood types 2. multiple alloantibodies
What is the maximum storage time and temperature for blood collected in the OR as part of acute normovolemic hemodiution process? 8 hours and room temp
In a patient with anti-e, how many units of ABO compatible blood with need to be screened to provide 3 units for transfusion? 150
Who needs blood: 1. 42YOWM with liver failure, no bleeding today, INR 10. 2. 42YOWM in MVA with pulse of 150 and systolic BP of 60, INR of 1, HCT 40% 2
Formula for Corrected Count increment for working up platelet refractoriness increment x BSA/plt count in bag
Incarceration for more than 72 consecutive hours results in this length of deferral for blood donors 12 months
Cryoprecipitate contains this amount of fibrinogen and factor VIII 150 mg and 80 IU
Which antibody class is most effectively removed by plasmapheresis? A. Patient with IgG multiple myeloma B. Patient with Waldenstrom's macroglobinemia C. Patient with IgA multiple myeloma B
4 factor PCC can be used to reverse warfarin in bleeding patients. When might it be contraindicated? h/o thrombosis in the last 90 days
HSCT patient typed as O positive. He needs a RBC transfusion the week before his transplant from an A donor. What product do you select? O cells
HSCT patient typed as O positive. He needs a RBC transfusion the week after his transplant from an A donor. What product do you select? O cells
describe major ABO incompatibility in HSCT setting Donor red Cells infused are lysed by recipient plasma antibodies.
describe minor ABO incompatibility in HSCT setting Red cell Antibodies in donor plasma infused lyse recipient cells
What is the specificity of the antibody in Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria? anti-P
Anti-P1 can be neutralized by using these hyatid cyst fluid and/or pigeon egg
Calculate the Rhogam dose for a patient with 2% Fetal cells on KB test 4
How long do you store a patient sample and unit segment specimen after RBC transfusion? 7 days, refrigerated
Best platelet product for leukemic patient irradiated, leukoreduced, apheresis unit, ABO compatible
Most frequent antibody specificity in NAIT anti- HPA1a
How is cryoprecipitate made? Thaw a bag of FFP at 1-6 degrees. Centrifuge. Collect supernatant.
Volume of cryo 15 ml
Why are do we ask donors about living/travel to Europe? vCJD risk
How much blood can we collect per kg of donor weight? 10.5ml of all blood collected per kg of weight
How do you differentiate a vasovagal reaction from hypovolemia? Bradycardia in VV; tachycardia in hypovolemia
What is required regarding ABO and Rh testing for a unit shipped to your hospital? Must confirm ABO type and all Rh D negative units. No weak D required.
When can you use therapeutic phlebotomy units in your allogeneic supply? When all other collection criteria are met and the diagnosis is hereditary hemochromatosis and testosterone replacement therapy . Also you could label with disease but no one would take it into inventory
Number of times a plateletpheresis donor can donate per year 24 times a year; can donate twice in a week; interval between donation should be at least 2 days.
What are the "labeling requirements?" 1. labeled at bedside 2. Two independent patient identifiers 3. date 4. indelible 5. phlebotomist (mechanism to id)
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