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first vocab

Internet Global communication network that allows all computer to connect.
World Wide Web an information system on the internet.
Hyperlink a link from a hypertext file.
WYSIWYG the representation on a screen is what is on a printout
Website a location connected to the internet.
Webpage a hypertext document
Web Browser a software application that people use to find web pages.
HTML HyperText Markup Language-a standardized system for tagging text files
IP Address a unique string of numbers.
Modem a combined device for modulation and demodulation.
ISP an organization that provides access to the internet.
Router a networking device.
Contrast the measurement of the difference in light intensity.
Repetition repeating a certain amount of instructions repeated a number of times.
Alignment arranging data to line up with a required format.
Proximity objects seen near each other are seen as a unit.
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