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BSBTroy Vocabulary

Black Ships before Troy Vocabulary Words

Bade to command/ offer
Distaff a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning
Nymph a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations
Centaur a creature with the head, arms, and torso of a man and the body and legs of a horse
Croon hum or sing in a soft, low voice, especially in a sentimental manner
Soothsaye a person supposed to be able to foresee the future
Sacrifice an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure
Citadel a fortress, typically on high ground, protecting or dominating a city
Crags a steep or rugged cliff or rock face
Dandled move (a baby or young child) up and down in a playful or affectionate way
Torrents a sudden, violent, and copious outpouring of (something, typically words or feelings
Truce an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time
Immortal an immortal being, especially a god of ancient Greece or Rome
Scorn the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt
Purification the removal of contaminants from something
Despond low spirits, low confidence
Reaper harvester of a crop (machine or human)
Folly lack of good sense, foolishness
Prow the portion of a ship's bow above water
Salve an ointment used to promote healing of the skin or as protection, soothe
Traces a mark, object or other indication of the existence or passing of something
Rouse awaken, cause to feel angry or excited
Brink extreme edge of land before a steep or vertical slope
Spate a large number of similar things or events, appearing or occurring in quick succession
Marten weasle-like animal hunter for its fur
Chocks a wedge or block placed against a wheel or round object to prevent it from moving
Bier a movable frame on which a coffin or a corpse is placed before burial
Omen sign
Keels the longitude structure along the center line at the bottom of a vessel's hull on which the rest of the hull is built
Sheath case for a knife, blade, or sword
Bower a pleasant shady place under trees or climbing plants in a garden or wood
Lament a passionate expression of grief or sorrow
Piteous deserving or arousing pity
Crimson a rich, deep red color inclining to purple
Tunic a loose garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to the wearer's knees, as worn in ancient Greece and Rome
Gale a burst of sound, especially of laughter
Quarries a place, typically a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted
Vial a small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used especially for holding liquid medicines
Ambush a surprise attack
Blunted weaken or reduce (something)
Bestowed confer or present (an honor, right, or gift)
Ramparts a defensive wall of a castle or walled city, having a broad top with a walkway and typically a stone parapet
Smitten struck down, laid low, suffering,
Amends reparation or compensation
Litter the group of young animals born to an animal at one time
Cunning having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion; sneaky
Oracle a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity
Treachery betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature
Desolate (of a place) deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness
Refuge a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble
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