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Finding Our Heroes

Arthurian Legends: "Sword & the Stone", "Round Table", & "Sir Launcelot"

Sword and the Stone: Why are the nobles hesitant to accept Arthur as king? They think he is too young and not of noble birth.
Sword and the Stone: What convinces the nobles to recognize Arthur as king? The commoners demand it.
Sword and the Stone: Unsettled Describes the political atmosphere at the New Year's Day tournament.
Sword and the Stone: When Sir Kay brings Sir Ector the magical sword... He tells his father that he pulled it from the stone.
Sword and the Stone: Why is Arthur the rightful heir to the crown? He is the son of King Uther.
Sword and the Stone: Why does Arthur first pull the sword from the stone? He intends to give the sword to Sir Kay since he forgot his own.
Sword and the Stone: Sir Ector asks that Sir Kay... Be made royal seneschal
Sword and the Stone: Sir Kay is Ector's son
Sword and the Stone: After Arthur learns the truth, he tells Sir Ector he will always think of him as a father
Sword and the Stone: The most in favor of Arthur being named king is... the commoners
Sword and the Stone: What do the nobles do after finally accepting Arthur as king? They bow down before him to ask forgiveness
Sword and the Stone: Romantic story elements include... Arthur's unknown parentage & the sword being magically embedded in the stone
Sword and the Stone: Arthur shows he is a romantic hero when he... forgives the nobles for delaying his succession to the throne
Sword and the Stone: Loyalty is shown when... Sir Ector and Sir Kay kneel before Arthur and the nobles pledge their allegiance to Arthur
Sword and the Stone: The romance hero Arthur probably evolved from stories about a sixth-century warlord
Round Table: Arhtur's emotions at the beginning despair
Round Table: Walking down a winding, dimly lit road, the hill symbolizes an elusive idea
Round Table: From being changed into a hawk, Arthur learns... political borders only exist in the eyes of humans
Round Table: According to Guenevere, the main reason for battles is... the knights think battles are fun
Round Table: Using a round table solves the problem of the knights' envy
Round Table: When Arthur states that he is a failure, how does Guenevere respond? Says he is the greatest warrior in England
Round Table: What is Guenevere doing as they talk? working on her tapestry
Round Table: Arthur's first reponse as he considers why people have battles somebody attacks
Round Table: The new order of chivalry might is used only for right
Round Table: When Arthur thinks his idea is naive, Guenevere says it's marvelous
Round Table: the issue most disturbing to Arthur warfare seems pointless
Round Table: How Guenevere responds to Arthur's questions listens and encourages
Round Table: Arthur's solution to the problem he resolves to use might for right
Round Table: Arthur proposes to interest his knights in his idea by making it seem fashionable
Round Table: Chivalry honor and courage
Launcelot: Sir Launcelot strong, loyal, clever
Launcelot: the four queens spoiled and used to obtaining whatever they desire
Launcelot: What Launcelot would like to prove Queen Gwynevere is better
Launcelot: When Launcelot does not behave like a proper knight falls asleep under an apple tree at noon
Launcelot: Sir Launcelot concentrates on this during the battle separating his enemies from their horses
Launcelot: characters can be described as good or evil
Launcelot: Launcelot was skillful at arms, noble of bearing, and Queen Gwynevere's favorite
Launcelot: He leaves Camelot because he is bored with court life
Launcelot: He pledges his devotion to Queen Gwynevere
Launcelot: One of the four queens places a spell on Launcelot
Launcelot: He is freed from a dungeon in exchange for his promise to assist a noblewoman's father in a tournament
Launcelot: Joustings were bloody and violent
Launcelot: The four queens want to kill Launcelot because he refuses to become their paramour
Launcelot: Castle Charyot is the home of Morgan le Fay
Launcelot: Sir Belleus mistakes Launcelot for his lady
Round Table: Merlyn raised Arthur
Round Table: Arthur King of Camelot
Round Table: the knights "angels in armor"
Round Table: Guenevere's father owns a round table that seats 150 people
Round Table: Guenevere believes Arthur is the most splendid king
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