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Graphic Design 6&7

What images does Adobe Photoshop produce? Raster images, also called bitmap images.
Bitmap images are made up of what? Individual pixels.
What is image resolution? The pixel density of an image, measured in pixels per inch (PPi) of an image.
What is the standard image resolution for screen output? 72 PPI
What is the standard image resolution for desktop printers? 240 PPI
What is the standard image resolution for commercial printers? 300 PPI
What is resampling? Photoshop's process of determining which pixels can be deleted or added.
What is a vector Image? an Image that is made up of points, curves, and paths.
what is a BMP? a compression-free format that preserves image data but creates large file sizes
What is a Cineon? transfers images originated on film to the Cineon format and back to film with no loss of image quality
What is Dicom? the most common standard for receiving medical scans
What is a DNG? the Adobe Digital Negative format, meant to be an industry-wide standard format for raw image data
What is EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)? standard format used to transfer PostScript artwork between applications
What is a Gif? a “lossless” compression format with a limited color palette; and is better suited to illustrations, as it supports animation and background transparency
What is a Jpeg? a common standard for compressing photographic files
What is a Large Document Format (PSB)? preserves layers and most plug-in features for files
What is a PDF? the Portable Document Format allows readers to view accurate electronic versions of documents even if they don’t have the creation application
What is Photoshop Raw? a file format for transferring raw-data images between applications and computer platforms; not to be confused with Camera Raw
What is a PNG? A lossless compression format; supports millions of colors, multiple bit depths (8, 24, 32), 24- and 32-bit alpha channels, and gradated transparency but with larger file sizes than JPEG
What is a PSD? native Photoshop format, which we recommend for most image editing tasks
What is a TIFF? (Tagged Image File Format) a standard format for exchanging files across applications, computers, and scanners; creates large files with the option of “lossless” compression
Best Formats for Photographic images. PSD, TIFF, JPEG, DNG, PDF
Which formats are limited to the old versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint? PNG and BMP
Created by: admiranda