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Maya Certified User

Study guide for Autodesk Maya Certified User test

Pressing F8 toggles between object and component mode. Which component will be activated? The component that was last used.
When selecting multiple objects, what color is the last selected object? Green
How do you insert edge loops? Polygons menu set-->Mesh Tools menu. Click and drag along a perpendicular edge. Release where you want it to go.
Where is the IK Handle Tool? Animation menu set-->Skeleton menu. (you can only click on joints that are already created.
Where can I find Interpolation? Render Settings-->(Mental Ray renderer) Indirect Lighting tab-->Irradiance Particles
Where can I change the depth setting of an image plane? In the attribute editor of the image plane (select the image plane first)
Smooth setting 1 (Hot Key 1 or pressing '1' on your keyboard.) Turns off the Smooth Mesh Preview feature so that the mesh displays in its default display mode.
Smooth setting 2 (Hot Key 2 or pressing '2' on your keyboard.) This turns on the Smooth Mesh Preview feature and sets the display mode to Cage + Smooth Mesh, a display mode which displays both the original mesh as a wireframe (cage) and the smooth mesh preview version in shaded mode simultaneously.
Smooth setting 3 (Hot Key 3 or pressing '3' on your keyboard.) This turns on the Smooth Mesh Preview feature and sets the display mode so that only the Smooth Mesh is displayed. You select and edit components directly on the smoothed preview and the changes are reflected back onto the original mesh.
What is U Value? Found in the Attribute Editor of a Motion Path. Controls where the object gets positioned along the curve.
NURBS Component-->CV's A set of small pink squares appear on a NURBS object called control vertices.
NURBS Component-->Hulls To show the relationship between CVs, Maya can draw lines between them. Similar to edges on polygons.
NURBS Component-->Isoparms The number of vertical curves for an object. Show the outline of the surface shape
The pivot point of a group is _______. At the origin.
The pivot point of a single object is _______. At the center of itself.
Besides the Channel Box and the Attribute Editor, where else can you type in values to move an object? The Status Line, next to the Render buttons. Called the Input Line of Menu Options
Where is the Poly Count found? Display-->Heads Up Display
The left column on the Poly Count displays _______. Total counts for all visible polygons.
The middle column on the Poly Count displays _______. Counts for selected polygons.
The right column on the Poly Count displays _______. Counts for selected components on objects that are partly visible in the view.
Created by: rsolis03ahs