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Access databasea

Microsoft Access Databases Vocabulary

Columns are the vertical divisions of a table. Fields are represented in tables as columns. Each column in the table represents one field.
Criteria are specifications that you want matched when you are searching for or querying records. You specify criteria by using comparison operators.
A field's data type specifies and limits what kind of data may be entered into that field (e.g. text, numerical, yes/no).
Use a table or form's Datasheet View to view, edit, or add data in tabular form; also useful for formatting some types of subforms.
Design view allows you to make changes to the overall formatting, properties, and structure of database objects.
A field is a single category of information, such as a phone number, product name, or unit cost, relevant to the entire set of data. Fields of data are the columns in Access tables.
A filter is a feature that provides a quick way to select and view designated records. Filters may be applied from within tables, forms, or the datasheet of a query.
A form is a feature that shows only the information you want to see, in the order you want to see it. A form is used to view data in a database, enter new data into the database, or edit data.
-An input mask is a property that helps to control and format the values entered into a field and might include special characters, spaces, or other formatting.
A database object that can be used to view, change, and analyze data in different ways; essentially, it is a question that you ask about the data in your table(s).
A record is all of the information collected about a specific event, thing, product, or person. A record consists of as many fields as are in the table or query.
A report is a database object used to view and print selected information from a table or query in a customized format.
Rows are the horizontal divisions of a datasheet. Each row contains a separate record.
Table A table is a feature, comprised of parallel columns and rows, that is used to store, organize, and view data on a particular topic.
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