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Microsoft Powerpoint Vocabulary

the movement of text, graphics, or other objects within a slide. Animation will vary the way in which objects on a slide appear, the order of the appearance, and how and when objects disappear.
Feature that lets you create a show from scratch, using whatever layout, format, colors, and styles you prefer
the underlying color of a slide
marks, usually a round or square dot, used to emphasize or distinguish items in a list. Bullets are common in Powerpoints.
Clip art refers to any picture or art image that you add to improve your presentation. This can be done by pulling down the Insert menu, selecting “insert picture” then “Clip Art” and then selecting the picture you would like to add
A shortcut that allows you to go from the presentation to another program, document, specific slide or to a website
the formatting features that move the text on and off of the single slides
combined use of more than one media, text, image, sound, video, etc.
empty boxes that appear on a new slide that reserve a space for the type of information you want to insert.
a software program that allows you to create professional looking multimedia presentations.
Slide a single page of a presentation in a slide show.
A predefined slide format that determines the position of the objects on the slide. You can access 24 different slide layouts by pulling down the Format menu, clicking “slide layout” and then choosing one that best suits your needs.
controls the formatting for all the slides in a presentation
the view that allows you to run your presentation and preview how it will look.
the view that displays miniature versions of the slides so that you can move and arrange slides easily by dragging.
view displays a single slide and allows the user to insert clip, change the backgrounds, edit transitions, effects, and add animations
the first slide in a presentation; slide indicating the title of the presentation and the presenter’s name
the effects that move one slide off the screen and the next slide on during a slide show.
Picture buttons located in the left bottom corner of the PowerPoint display window; the buttons allow the user to switch views of the presentation while creating/editing.
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