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Word Processing

Vocabulary related to Word Processing

Word Processing software used to create and edit text documents such as letters, memos, reports and publications
Word wrap when you are typing and the cursor jumps to the next line when the line you are currently typing on becomes full
Alignment the orientation of the lines of a paragraph with respect to the margins.
Editing making modifications to an existing document
Font Style adds emphasis to a font: bold, italic and underline
AutoCorrect A word feature that automatically corrects common spelling errors as you type
Highlight to display text in different colors than the surrounding text
Toggle switch back and forth between two features/programs
Undo the command for reversing previous action
Redo the command for reversing the undo command
Symbol A character that is not included on keyboard
Insertion point the flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur
Read Only A mode of operation in which revisions cannot be saved in the original document
Clipboard a temporary storage area that can hold up to twelve selections at a time
Drag and drop editing The action of using a mouse to drag a selection from its original location and drop in a new location
The position of text in relation to the left and right page margins
The position of text in relation to the top and bottom page margins.
a complete set of characters in a specific face, style and size
Bullet A dot or symbol that marks an important line of information or designates items in a list.
To organize items in a specific order
A“portable document format” created by Adobe’s Acrobat program. This form was designed so that files could be shared between platforms (PC vs. MAC) and could be open and read by users who did not have the program that crated the file.
Created by: gingerarm