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JHS Skindawg Classes

Class procedures review

Backpacks These belong under the desks by the table leg and not in the aisle.
Bellringer When you come in, log on and go to Canvas to find:
Stream You should not _______ music or video online without permission.
Games You should not play these on the computers or your phone during class.
Music Students may NOT listen to this in their ears during class.
Charge You may do this to your cell phone at any time.
Phone If your ________ is face up or used during lecture or tests, it will be taken.
Teacher Detention Violations of class procedures will result in this.
7:30 AM Teacher detentions are served at this time on the day of Mrs. Skinner's choosing.
Office Detention Missing a teacher detention will result in a two hour:
Screw On You may only have drinks in class if the lid is:
Trash If you eat in class, be sure to throw away your:
Snack Only this kind of non-messy food may be eaten in class.
B207 Mrs. Skinner's room number, which will also indicate the classroom printer, is:
Sleep Students may not put heads down and attempt to do this in class.
Folder Your class notes should be kept in the provided ______.
Two You get this many free bathroom/hall passes.
Tardy If you drop off your backpack and then leave the room before the bell rings to go to the restroom, you will not be counted:
Door Handouts for the current day are located on the teacher desk that is by the:
Highlight If you have to turn in work to the class tray, be sure to do this to your name.
Trouble Card If your computer has an issue, write it on the:
Restart If your computer is malfunctioning, turn off, check all cords, and:
Mouse When helping a neighbor, demonstrate on your computer, point or use your voice, but do not touch their:
Webcam When adjusting your monitor, do not grab from the top--use both hands on the sides-- as you might damage the swing arm or the little tiny FBI agent:
Wednesday Blue pass travel days are Tuesday, Thursday, and:
Blue (Advisory) Pass On a travel day, you may take one of these from the candy cane bucket on the corner of my desk.
Sign Out Do not do this at the end of the class until told to do so.
Lock Always log out before leaving; do not just do this to the computer.
Cars Chairs should not travel down the aisles; chairs are not these:
Coffee Cup You can find bandaids and cough drops in this by the door:
30 seconds If you use your cell phone during work time, you should use it for no longer than:
Neighbors Before asking Mrs. Skinner for help, ask your:
Folder Always have this out and on your desk.
Internet The ______ should be used with permission if not for school purposes.
Work time Cell phones can be used if they are not a constant distraction only during:
Black The default printer should be SH-B207-BW, which prints in:
Green The names of the printers are at the back on the room on the _____ signs above the printers.
Canvas If you need a handout and we are out, you can print one from:
Pencil You may find an extra ______ if you need in the vase by the door.
Address Your computer number is referred to as your:
Trash Textbooks, papers, or _______ should not be left on the desk after the bell rings to dismiss class.
Circle To log off/sign out, click the _______ on the Start menu.
Clipboard To leave the room during class, you must sign YOUR PAGE (your letter) on the hall pass ___________ hanging by the whiteboard, give it to Mrs. S AND wear the lanyard. Get it back from her upon return and put it back.
Created by: skindawg



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