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(CK) TAKS Voc 1

(CK) TAKS Vocabulary Terms 1

the taking away of or lessening of pain or worry; help given in times of trouble relief; relieved When she learned that her daughter was safe, she felt great _____.
a state or feeling of anxiety and tension suspense; suspenseful He was in _____ about the birth of his first child.
the act of looking forward anticipation; anticipate I was filled with happy _____ before the wedding.
informal; not very serious, relaxed, laid back casual; casually; casualness In the summer, people dress in _____ clothes like t-shirts and shorts. He has a _____ attitude toward his work and it may get him into trouble with his boss.
strange and frightening; weird eerie; eeriness That old house is an _____ place at night.
having a strong or powerful effect; having or showing a serious and reserved manner. imposing The _____ principal soon made it clear that he hadn't called me to his office just to chat.
protected from danger or harm; hot able to be broken; to be sure and confident of yourself secure; security He feels _____ in the locked apartment. She is _____ in knowing that her parents love her.
strong in feeling or emotion; extreme in degree, power, or effect intense; intensity She felt _____ pain when the bone broke in her leg. The _____ heat of the fire drove me back.
having the mind fixed on something; not divided on several areas of interest or concern focus; focused He was _____ on the game and didn't hear me knock. There was a _____ effort to provide shelter for the homeless during the winter.
active in seeking out the company of others; friendly outgoing He is an _____ and fun person to be with.
difficulty related to one's living conditions; problem; obstacle; disadvantage; adversity hardship He suffered financial _____ after he lost his job.
stopped from moving freely as with a leash or handcuffs; not talkative, quiet in manner restrained He is _____ and it shows in the quiet way he talks. The prinsoner is _____ in handcuffs.
emotional, not practical; containing very great emotion, perhaps too much; wistful; nostalgic sentimental; sentiment The ring is ugly, but it has _____ value because my mother gave it to me. The novel
great success, victory; conquering; superior triumph; triumphant His winning the tennis tournament was a _____ for him. She _____ over adversity as she came from a poor family.
able to be predicted; figured out what is going to happen; boring predictable; predict Her accident was _____ because she was driving wildly.
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