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CUT6 13.1

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 13.1

convergence The merging of differing technologies and industries to form a newer, better product or process.
Smart Grid The technology being added to the electric grid to modernize it, including computer, communication, automation, and sensing technologies. It allows for two-way communication and computer-based monitoring and automation.
smart meter A device that tracks electricity usage at a residential or commercial customer site and sends the meter reading (often over a secure wireless connection via low radio frequency) to the energy supplier for billing and other purposes.
eHealth The use of computers, tablets, and communications technology in healthcare.
mHealth A practice that will employ medical devices, along with connected mobile (smartphone) apps and software, to enhance patient monitoring and healthcare.
Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP) A standard developed for medical device data transmission which many health- and fitness-tracking devices use.
Created by: softcrylic