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CUT6 10.8

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 10.8

intrabusiness electronic commerce A form of e-commerce that involves the use of web-based technology that enables a company to handle transactions that occur within itself.
Interdependence A fundamental business characteristic that means a business’s decisions and actions often depend on the decisions and actions of others.
supply chain A system that includes a series of activities a company performs to achieve its goals at various stages in the production process. Also called value chain.
supply chain management (SCM) An area of expertise that involves establishing, running, and refining a supply chain.
procurement Searching for, finding, and purchasing materials, supplies, products, and services at the best possible prices and ensuring they are delivered in a timely manner.
just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing The process of correlating the date and time of manufacture and delivery of a certain product to a customer’s request, to delay materials purchase and product inventory to the latest possible time.
tunneling A secure technology that a VPN uses to safeguard data. It enables one network to send its data via another network’s connections, and works by adding a network protocol within the encrypted packets carried by the second network.
electronic data interchange (EDI) A system that automates repetitive business processes and is used by many businesses to exchange specially formatted business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, credit application and approval forms, and shipping notices.
financial electronic data interchange (FEDI) A form of electronic data interchange (EDI) technology used by numerous businesses to transmit payments electronically.
automated clearinghouse (ACH) A type of automated banking network for transferring funds electronically from one account to another account.
electronic signature (e-signature) A digital code attached to an electronically transmitted message or document that uniquely identifies the sender, as well as a digital image of a signature.
trusted operating system (TOS) An operating system that a business demanding strong security for online transactions can use on its web server, which is a step beyond installing a firewall.
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