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CUT6 10.2

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 10.2

system development life cycle (SDLC) The comprehensive process for building an information system, consisting of a series of steps culminating in a completed information system.
feasibility study A study conducted to investigate how large an information system project might be and how much it might cost.
request for proposal (RFP) A solicitation for a proposal to provide products or services, such as a new information system project. XXX
project plan A plan that includes an estimate of how long the project will take to complete, an outline of the steps involved, and a list of deliverables.
deliverable A document, service, hardware, or program that must be finished and delivered by a certain time and date to keep the project on schedule.
Gantt chart Named after Henry Gantt. A graphic that uses bars to show the stages and tasks in a project and the order in which they must be completed.
business systems analyst A professional who typically leads the early phases of systems development, using interviews with management and users to define the business problem and plan a solution.
software engineering The activities of creating the higher-level software design and focusing on the broader planning and implementation steps for the system by software engineers. Also called software development.
software development See software engineering.
systems engineer A technical expert who can help plan and develop the various parts of the information system that interact with other processes, such as an assembly line.
outsourcing The practice of hiring a third party to handle a project or job.
systems integrator A company that specializes in installing and supporting information systems.
niche information system A system that exists to serve a specially focused set of customers. Also called vertical market system.
vertical market system See niche information system.
turnkey system A new information system that contains everything a business needs to get it up and running. The name comes from the idea of simply being able to “turn the key,” similarly to how you start a car by turning the key to start the engine.
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