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CUT6 4.4

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 4.4

multimedia software Software that allows users to combine content of multiple types, such as sound, video, and pictures.
painting software Software that enables users to create and edit raster images.
raster image An image made up of a grid of colored pixels (dots). Also called bitmap image.
drawing software Software that enables users to create and edit vector graphics.
vector graphic A graphic created using a mathematical equation, resulting in a line drawing that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.
photo-editing software Software designed for manipulating digital photos.
3-D modeling program An application used to generate the graphics for blueprints and technical drawings for items that will be built, as well as 3-D representations of people and objects in games.
wireframe A surfaceless outline of an object composed of lines. A 3-D vector graphic is first drawn as a wireframe.
texture A pattern added to the wireframe surface of a 3-D– modeled object to make it look more realistic.
computer-aided design (CAD) Technical object modeling with vector graphics, used to create architectural, engineering, product, and scientific designs with a high degree of precision and detail.
computer-generated imagery (CGI) Images created using computer software.
waveform A sound file that has an analog origin—that is, an origin outside a computer system.
sampling A process in which sound waves are recorded thousands of times per second to create a digitized version.
CD audio (CDA) format A format used by audio CDs to store music files.
wave file format An uncompressed sound file type identified with a .wav extension.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) A type of music clip with no analog origin, created by digitally simulating the sounds of various musical instruments.
frame A single still image from a video.
video-editing software Software that enables you to import digital video clips and then modify them in various ways.
web authoring software Software that helps users develop web pages without having to learn web programming.
WYSIWYG Acronym for what you see is what you get. An approach to content creation that allows you to see, during the development process, the layout and content as they will appear when distributed to recipients (such as on the web or in print).
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