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CUT6 4.2

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 4.2

word-processing software An application designed to help users create a variety of text-based documents.
template A model for creating new data files in an application.
insertion point A blinking vertical line in a text entry area in an application, indicating where new text will appear when typed.
spelling checker An editing feature in a word-processing program that checks each word in a document against a word list or dictionary and identifies possible errors.
grammar checker An editing feature in a word-processing program that checks a document for common errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics.
text formatting Formatting applied to individual characters of text, such as changes to the font, size, and color of the text.
paragraph formatting Formatting applied to entire paragraphs of text at a time, such as changes to the line spacing, indentation, horizontal alignment between margins, and style of bullets and numbering.
document formatting Formatting applied to the entire document, page, or section, such as changes to the paper size, margins, number of columns, and background color. Also called page formatting or section formatting.
style A named set of formatting that can be consistently applied to multiple paragraphs throughout a document.
print preview An onscreen preview of a document as it will appear on the printed page.
desktop publishing software Software that allows users to create documents with complex page layouts that include text and graphics of various types.
spreadsheet software Software that provides a means of organizing, calculating, and presenting financial, statistical, and other numerical information.
value A numeric entry in a spreadsheet cell or formula.
formula An instruction to perform a math calculation in a spreadsheet.
function A named operation that performs one or more calculations on data in a spreadsheet.
cell The intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet.
chart A visual representation of data that often makes the data easier to read and understand.
macro A recorded set of commands that can be played back to automate complex or repetitive actions.
database management system (DBMS) An application used to manage a database.
enterprise database A large database that is stored on a server and managed using professional tools such as Oracle Database and Structured Query Language (SQL).
object The tables in a database plus the support items for working with the database such as forms, queries, reports, and macros.
presentation graphics software An application that allows users to create computerized slide shows that combine text, numbers, animation, graphics, audio, and video.
slide An individual page or screen that’s created in presentation graphics software.
slide show A collection of slides in a single data file in a presentation graphics program.
clip art Royalty-free, scalable line drawings made available through Office.com within Office applications, and also available through other sources.
software suite A group of applications bundled and sold as a single package.
embed To insert data of one type into a file that stores its own data as a different file type (e.g., a picture into a Word document), so that if the embedded content is double-clicked, it opens for editing in its original application.
link To create a connection between embedded data and the file from which it was originally copied so that if the original file changes, the embedded data changes too.
object linking and embedding (OLE) The Windows and Office feature that allows content to be linked and/or embedded.
personal information management (PIM) software An application that provides an address book, a calendar, and a to-do list in one convenient interface.
project management software A type of software that helps manage complex projects by keeping track of schedules, constraints, and budgets.
accounting software Software that integrates all the financial activities of a company into a single interface.
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