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CUT6 4.1

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 4.1

application software A program that enables users to do useful and fun things with a computer.
individual application software An application that serves only one person at a time, such as a word processor, an accounting package, or a game.
collaboration software An application that enables people at separate computers to work together on the same document or project. Also called groupware.
vertical application software A complete package of applications that work together to perform core business functions for a large organization.
desktop application An application designed to be run on full-featured desktop and notebook computers.
app An application designed for tablets and smartphones, and designed to be compact and to run quickly and efficiently on minimal hardware.
commercial software Software created by a company (or an individual, in rare cases) that takes on all the financial risk for its development and distribution upfront, and then recoups the costs by selling the software for a profit.
software piracy Stealing commercial software by using it without paying when payment is required.
registration key A string of characters that uniquely identifies the user’s purchase of a software. Sometimes called installation key.
activation A process that generates a unique code based on the hardware in your computer and the registration key you used when installing a software, locking that copy of the software to that computer.
license agreement The legal agreement that the user must consent to in order to complete the installation of a software product. Sometimes called End User License Agreement (EULA).
site license A license agreement that grants permission to make multiple copies of a software and install it on multiple computers.
per-user site license A license agreement that grants use of a software by a certain number of users, regardless of the number of computers.
per-seat site license A license agreement that grants use of a software for a certain number of computers, regardless of the number of users.
shareware A commercial software product that is released on a try-before-you-buy basis; purchasing the product unlocks additional features or removes time restrictions on the trial version.
freeware Software that’s made available at no charge to all.
public domain Software that’s not copyright protected, so anyone may use or modify it.
source code The uncompiled programming code for an application.
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