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CUT6 3.4

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 3.4

Microsoft Windows A very popular operating system developed by Microsoft, used on personal computers and servers.
Mac OS X An operating system used primarily on Apple Macintosh computers.
Linux A UNIX-based operating system that runs on a number of platforms, including Intel-based PCs, servers, and handheld devices.
open source software Software in which the developer retains ownership of the original programming code but makes the code available free to the general public.
proprietary software Software that an individual or company holds the exclusive rights to develop and sell. 105
distribution (distro) A collection of operating system files, utility files, and support programs sold as a package. Linux distros contain the Linux kernel and a variety of other applications.
thin client A computer that has only minimal capabilities and was designed to be small, inexpensive, and lightweight, to provide Internet access, and to interface with other computers (such as on the Internet).
iOS The operating system used in Apple mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads.
Android An open source operating system created by Google that is commonly used on smartphones and tablets, because it’s simple and easy to use and a large number of apps are available for it.
Windows RT A streamlined version of Windows 8 designed for system-on-chip (SoC) platforms.
Windows Phone OS A variant of Windows 8 designed for the ultraportable platform of a smartphone.
UNIX A powerful multiuser command-line operating system designed for servers.
multiuser operating system An operating system that allows multiple people to use one CPU from separate workstations.
cross-platform operating system An operating system that runs on computers of all kinds, from PCs to supercomputers.
solution stack A set of complementary applications that work together to customize an operating system for a specific purpose.
Windows Server A variant of Microsoft Windows designed for servers.
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