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CUT6 2.1

Computers: Understanding Tech 6e 2.1

input device Any hardware component that enables you to perform input operations.
keyboard A grid of keys used to enter text characters (letters, numbers, and symbols) and to issue commands.
alphanumeric keyboard A keyboard that has both letters (alpha-) and numbers (-numeric).
QWERTY layout The standard English keyboard layout, named for the first five letters in the top row of letters on the keyboard.
virtual keyboard A software-generated, simulated keyboard on devices with a touchscreen, such as a tablet PC or smartphone.
touchscreen A touch-sensitive display that is produced by laying a transparent grid of sensors over the screen of a monitor.
pointing device An input device that moves an onscreen pointer (usually an arrow).
mouse A handheld pointing device that you move across a flat surface (like a desk) to move the onscreen pointer.
trackball A stationary pointing device with a ball that you roll with your fingers to move the pointer.
touchpad A small, rectangular pad that’s sensitive to pressure and motion, used as a pointing device. Also called track pad.
graphics tablet An input device that uses a grid of sensors to record drawing and handwriting using a stylus.
stylus A handheld wand that resembles an inkless pen and that is used with a graphics tablet to record handwriting and drawing.
scanner A light-sensing device that detects and captures text and images from a printed page.
digitized information Data that has been converted to digital format (that is, stored as a string of numeric values).
charge-coupled device (CCD) The sensor that records the amount of light reflected from the scanned image in a scanner.
bitmap A matrix of rows and columns of pixels.
pixel An individual colored dot within a display or a graphic image.
resolution On a scanner or printer, the number of pixels recorded or produced per inch; in a display, the number of pixels horizontally and vertically that comprise the display mode.
dots per inch (dpi) On a scanner or printer, the number of pixels captured or printed per inch of the original page.
optical character recognition (OCR) Specialized software that converts the bitmap images of text to actual text that you can work with in a word-processing or other text-editing program.
flat-bed scanner A scanner that has a large, flat, glass-covered surface, similar to a copy machine.
bar code A set of black bars of varying widths and spacing that represent data and that can be read by a bar code reader.
universal product code (UPC) A bar code on a product for sale, used to provide information about the product at the point of sale and in the store’s inventory.
bar code reader A scanner that captures the pattern in a bar code and sends it to an application that translates the pattern into meaningful data.
digital camera A camera that captures images in a digital format that a computer can use and display.
megapixel One million pixels; a unit of measurement used to describe digital camera resolution.
digital video camera A digital camera designed primarily for capturing video; may be portable, like a regular camera, or may be tethered to a computer. See also webcam.
webcam A digital video camera that must be connected to a computer to take pictures; commonly used to capture live video that’s streamed via a website.
audio input The speech, music, and sound effects that are entered into a computer.
sound card The adapter in a computer that translates between the analog sounds that humans hear and the digital recordings of sound that computers store and play back.
voice input Technology that enables users to enter data by talking into a microphone connected to the computer.
voice recognition software A voice-to-text input program that recognizes preprogrammed words stored in a database, without paying attention to the speaker’s accent or pronunciation.
speech recognition software A voice-to-text input program that can be trained to understand a specific person’s voice more accurately by completing a series of practice drills.
accelerometer An environmental sensor that reports how fast an object is moving.
gyroscope An environmental sensor that describes an object’s orientation in space.
compass An environmental sensor that reports the direction an object is pointing in relation to magnetic north.
global positioning system (GPS) A device that provides location information by orienting the current location of the device to a signal from an orbiting satellite.
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