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Extra Points

EP Location (Chris-EWCNM)

Behind ear, b/w GB20 and SJ17, slightly posterior/superior GB12 An Mian
8 points between the MTP, 0.5cun web (LIV2, ST44, GB43) Ba Feng
Form a fist, 4 interspaces of knuckle and index & thumb (SJ2, LI4) Ba Xie
3cun above superior patella, buldge vastus medialis muscle,1cun above SP10 Bai Chong Wo
Back of neck, 2cun above D14, 1cun lateral midline Bai Lao
Top of naso-labial groove (LI20) Bi Tong
1-2cun distal GB34 on right leg Dan Nang Xue
0.5-1cun to C7 (lateral D14) Ding Chuan
4cun above PC7, 2 points either side flexor carpi radialis tendon Er Ban
On the apex of ear (SJ20, GB8) Er Jian
Center of frenulum, between JinJin and Yu Ye Hai Quan
Depression midpoint superior boarder of patella He Ding
0.5-1cun lateral to depression of the spine Hua Tuo Jai Ji
1.5cun lateral T5 Huan Men
1cun lateral R24 Jia Cheng Jiang
Anterior shoulder, between anterior axillary crease and LI15 Jian Qian
Veins either side frenulum JinJin (L), YuYe (R)
2cun distal ST36 on right leg Lan Wei Xue
Dorsum hand, between proximal 2nd and 3rd MCP joints Luo Zhen
Inferior border of orbital margin,lateral ¼ and medial ¾ (ST1) Qiu Hou
Equalateral triangle around umbilicus, equal to pts smile San Jaio Jiu
Midline in depression below L5 Shi Qi Zhui Xia
Tip 10 fingers, 0.1cun corner nail Shi Xuan
Palm between DIP and PIP of index, middle, ring and pinkie Si Feng
4 points at vertex, 1cun from D20 Si Shen Cong
1cun posterior midpoint b/w lateral eyebrow and o. canthus Tai Yang
2cun above pubis, level with R4, 3cun lateral to midline Ti Tuo
1.5cun lateral T8 Wei Guan Xia Shu
2 points: lateral(ST35) and medial groves of the knee joint Xi Yan
Dorsum hand, 2 points b/w 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th MCP base Yao Tong Xue
3.5cun lateral L4 (level D3),“eyes” Yao Yan
Glabella, midway b/w eyebrows Yin Tong
Center of eyebrow, above pupil w/eyes forward Yu Yao (UB2, SJ23)
Tip of olecranon Zhou Jian
1cun above pubis, level with R3, 3cun lateral to midline Zi Gong
Created by: cawalte3