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Abstain to choose not to do or have something (1 Th. 5:22)
Admonish to indicate duties or obligations to (2 Th. 3:15)
Adultery voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse (Jas. 2:11)
Affectionately feeling or showing love (1 Th. 2:8)
Affliction the state of being affected by something that causes suffering (1Th. 1:6)
Archangel an angel of the highest rank (1 Th. 4:16)
Assurance the state of being sure or certain about something (1Th. 1:5)
Beloved very much loved: dearly loved (1 Th.1:4)
Beseech to request earnestly; implore (1 Th. 4:1)
Blaspheme to speak evil of God (Jas. 2:7)
Boastings the act or instance of expressing too much pride (Jas. 4:16)
Breastplate a usually metal plate worn as defensive armor for the breast (1 Th. 5:8)
Bridle a device that fits on a horse’s head, used for guiding and controlling (Jas. 3:2)
Burdensome causing difficulty or worry (1 Th. 2:6)
Busybodies persons who are too interested in the private lives of other people (2 Th. 3:11)
Caught up to carry off; grasp hastily; snatch up (1Th. 4:17)
Chargeable liable to be accused or held responsible (2 Th. 3:8)
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