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Du Overview (Chris-EWCNM)

At which point does the Du channel enter the brain? D16
What is function of Du Meridian? "sea of yang meridians" that:1) governs the qi of the yang meridians2) regulates the brain and spinal cord
What point do all the yang meridians meet? D14
What is Lou connecting point? D1
What is the best point for hemorrhiods? D1
At what lumbar are D3, D4, D5 located? D3 (L4), D4 (L2), D5 (L1)
Which point that regulates the governing vessel is best for any type of heat disorder weather interior, exterior, excess or deficiency? D4
At what throasic are D6-13 located? D6(T11), D7(T10), D8(T9), D9(T7), D10(T6), D11(T5), D12(T3),D13 (T1)**skip T12, T8, T4, T2
What point level with UB18 Liver Shu, functions to pacify liver wind and stop spasms. D8
What point is the emperical point for jaundice, and which shu is it level with? D9, diaphragm shu (T7, UB17)-influential point blood
What is emperical point fr carbuncles, furuncles, that functions to clear heat and detoxify poisons? D10
What point level with UB15 Heart shu can treat any LU/HT deficiency? D11
What point level with UB14 Pericardium shu can treat LU/HT excess (heat)? D12
What point names "the way of happiness" clears heat to treat acute or chronic malaria? What other Du point treats malaria? D13, D14
What is emperical point for asthma, and also used to treats pathogens at any level taiyang, yangming or shaaoyang)? D14, C7
What emperical point for muteness? D15
What is the window of the sky point? D16
What point is used to treat all types of wind disorders as well as 100 diseases of the head? D16
What point named "100 meetings" treats all 100 diseases, descends excess yang or raises deficiency yang in the body? D20
What 2 Du points function to Nourish the Sea of Marrow? D16, D20
What is emperical point for nasal obstruction? D23
How many cun are D21, 22, 23, 24 from the posterior hairline? D21(3.5), D22(2), D23(1), D24(.5)
What 2GB and 2UB points are level with D24? GB13/15, UB3/4
What point treats drunknesd? D25
What is emperical point for resuscitation? D26
Created by: cawalte3