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NCCAOM Formula Indic

MA HUANG TANG Exterior Wind-Cold of excess type
GUI ZHI TANG Exterior Wind-Cold of deficiency type
GE GEN TANG Exterior Wind-Cold of excess type with stiff neck
XIAO QING LONG TANG Exterior Wind-Cold with congested Phlegm-Fluid in the LU
XIANG SU SAN Exterior Wind-Cold with interior Qi stagnation
SANG JU YIN Exterior Wind-Heat causing cough; Wind-Heat causing eye disorders
YIN QIAO SAN Exterior Wind-Heat with Heat-Toxin; Toxic-Heat causing Boils and Sores
CHAI GE JIE JI TANG Exterior Wind-Cold (Taiyang) transforming into interior Heat (Yangming)
SHENG MA GE GEN TANG Early stage of rashes due to externally contracted Heat
REN SHEN BAI DU SAN Exterior Wind-Cold-Damp with interior Qi deficiency
JIA JIAN WEI RUI TANG Exterior Wind-Heat with Yin deficiency
DA CHENG QI TANG Yangming organ syndrome causing severe constipation
XIAO CHENG QI TANG Moderate Yangming organ syndrome causing constipation
TIAO WEI CHENG QI TANG Mild Yangming organ syndrome causing mild constipation
RUN CHANG WAN Constipation due to Blood deficiency Desiccated Intestines
MA ZI REN WAN Constipation due to Intestinal Dryness & Heat Spleen Bind
JI CHUAN JIAN Constipation due to KD Yang deficiency
XIAO CHAI HU TANG Shaoyang syndrome
SI NI SAN LV Qi stagnation overacting on the SP causing cold extremities (Yang Jue)
XIAO YAO SAN LV Qi stagnation with LV Blood & SP Qi deficiency
TONG XIE YAO FANG LV Qi stagnation overacting on the SP causing diarrhea with abdominal pain
BAN XIA XIE XIN TANG Pi syndrome due to Cold-Heat complex
GAN CAO XIE XIN TANG Pi syndrome due to severe ST Qi deficiency
SHENG JIANG XIE XIN TANG Pi syndrome due to Water-Heat complex
BAI HU TANG Excess Heat in the Yangming channel or Qi level
ZHU YE SHI GAO TANG Qi-level Heat injuring the Qi & Fluid
QING YING TANG Heat entering the Nutritive level
XI JIAO DI HUANG TANG Heat entering the Blood level
HUANG LIAN JIE DU TANG Fire-Toxin from excessive Heat in the Triple burners
XIE XIN TANG Excess Heat in the Triple burners
PU JI XIAO DU YIN Epidemic Toxin with Wind-Heat & Damp-Phlegm
LIANG GE SAN Heat and clumping in the diaphragm region
QING WEN BAI DU YIN Severe Fire in the Qi/Blood levels
MA XING SHI GAN TANG Heat lodged in the LU
XIE BAI SAN Constrained LU Heat causing wheezing
XIE HUANG SAN Smoldering Fire in the SP/ST
QING WEI SAN ST Heat accumulation
YU NU JIAN ST Heat with Yin deficiency
DAO CHI SAN HT Fire transferring to the SI
LONG DAN XIE GAN TANG LV Fire blazing up; LV/GB Damp-Heat invading downward
ZUO JIN WAN LV Fire burning ST causing LV & ST disharmony
SHAO YAO TANG LI Damp-Heat with Qi & Blood stagnation causing dysentery
BAI TOU WENG TANG Dysentery due to Toxic-Heat in the ST & Intestine
QING HAO BIE JIA TANG Yin deficiency with Heat in the Ying level during later stage of febrile disease
QING GU SAN KD/LV Yin deficiency leading to Steaming Bone disorder
DANG GUI LIU HUANG TANG Yin deficiency with Empty-Heat causing night sweats
XIANG RU SAN Exterior Cold with Interior Damp contracted in the summer
LIU YI SAN Summer-Heat with interior Damp
LI ZHONG WAN Deficiency-Cold of the SP/ST
WU ZHU YU TANG Deficiency-Cold of the ST (Yangming), LV (Jueyin), and KD (Shaoyin)
XIAO JIAN ZHONG TANG SP Yang deficiency with Cold causing abdominal pain
DA JIAN ZHONG TANG Middle Burner Yang deficiency (root) + Vigorous Yin-cold (manifestation)
SI NI TANG KD Yang deficiency with Cold-Evil in Shaoyin stage (Yin Jue); Yang collapse
DA CHAI HU TANG Concurrent Shaoyang with Yangming syndromes
GE GEN HUANG LIAN HUANG QIN TANG Incompletely resolved exterior with interior excess Heat
SI JUN ZI TANG SP/ST Qi deficiency
SHEN LING BAI ZHU SAN SP Qi deficiency & Damp causing diarrhea
BU ZHONG YI QI TANG SP/ST Qi deficiency causing intermittent fever; SP Qi sinking
YU PING FENG SAN Wei Qi deficiency causing sweating
SHENG MAI SAN Concurrent Qi & Yin deficiency, primarily of the LU
SI WU TANG Blood deficiency + Blood stasis
DANG GUI BU XUE TANG Blood & Qi deficiency with floating Yang
SHAO YAO GAN CAO TANG Blood deficiency with injury to the Fluids
BA ZHEN TANG Qi & Blood deficiency
SHI QUAN DA BU TANG Qi & Blood deficiency with mild Deficiency-Cold
GUI PI TANG SP Qi & HT Blood deficiency causing insomnia; SP Qi Not Controlling Blood
ZHI GAN CAO TANG Qi & Blood deficiency causing irregular pulse
TAI SHAN PAN SHI SAN Qi & Blood deficiency with unsecured Chong & Ren vessels
LIU WEI DI HUANG WAN KD & LV Yin deficiency
DU QI WAN Chronic wheezing disorders or spermatorrhea from KD deficiency
QI JU DI HUANG WAN Eye disorders due to LV & KD Yin deficiency
ZHI BAI DI HUANG WAN Empty-Heat due to KD & LV Yin deficiency
ZUO GUI WAN KD Yin/Essence deficiency for severe case (more potent)
ZUO GUI YIN KD Yin/Essence deficiency for moderate case (less potent)
DA BU YIN WAN Severe KD & LV Yin/Essence deficiency with Empty Heat
YI GUAN JIAN LV & KD Yin deficiency with mild LV Qi stagnation
ER ZHI WAN KD & LV Yin deficiency
BAI HE GU JIN TANG Internal Dryness of the LU
JIN GUI SHEN QI WAN KD Yang deficiency
YOU GUI WAN KD Yang/Essence deficiency for severe case (more potent)
YOU GUI YIN KD Yang/Essence deficiency for moderate case (less potent)
ER XIAN TANG KD Yin/Yang deficiency with Empty-Fire
MU LI SAN Unstable protective Qi with injury to the HT Yin
ZHEN REN YANG ZANG TANG SP & KD Yang deficiency causing unremitting diarrhea
SI SHEN WAN SP & KD Yang deficiency causing daybreak diarrhea
JIN SUO GU JING WAN Spermatorrhea due to KD deficiency
SANG PIAO XIAO SAN Qi deficiency of the KD & HT
SHOU TAI WAN KD deficiency leading to instability of the Chong & Ren channels
GU JING WAN Constrained LV Fire injuring Chong & Ren causing Beng Lou syndrome
WAN DAI TANG Leukorrhea due to Dai/SP deficiency with Damp & Qi stagnation
TIAN WANG BU XIN DAN HT & KD Yin deficiency with Empty-Fire
SUAN ZAO REN TANG LV Blood & HT Yin deficiency with Empty-Heat
HUANG LIAN E JIAO TANG Fire from Yin deficiency affecting Spirit
GAN MAI DA ZAO TANG HT Yin deficiency with LV Qi stagnation causing Zang Zao disorder
YUE JU WAN Six Stagnations of Qi, Blood, Phlegm, Damp, Fire and Food
CHAI HU SHU GAN SAN LV Qi stagnation causing pain
BAN XIA HOU PO TANG LV Qi & Phlegm stagnation lodging in the throat causing Plum-pit syndrome
LIANG FU WAN LV Qi stagnation with ST Cold causing pain
JIN LING ZI SAN Pain due to LV stagnation with Heat
TIAN TAI WU YAO SAN Cold invading the LV channel causing Qi stagnation
NUAN GAN JIAN Cold from LV & KD deficiency
SU ZI JIANG QI TANG LU Cold-Phlegm (excess above) with KD Yang deficiency (deficiency below)
DING CHUAN TANG Internal LU Phlegm-heat with external Wind-Cold causing rebellious LU Qi
XUAN FU DAI ZHE TANG Rebellious ST Qi due to ST deficiency with Damp-Phlegm
JU PI ZHU RU TANG Rebellious ST Qi due to ST deficiency with Heat
DING XIANG SHI DI TANG -Cold with Blood stasis causing irregular menstruation Rebellious ST Qi due to ST Deficiency-Cold
TAO HE CHENG QI TANG Accumulation of Blood stasis & Heat in the Lower burner
XUE FU ZHU YU TANG Blood stasis with Qi stagnation in the chest
GE XIA ZHU YU TANG Blood stasis with Qi stagnation in the Epigastrium
SHAO FU ZHU YU TANG Blood stasis with Cold stagnation in the Lower Abdomen
SHEN TONG ZHU YU TANG Blood stasis with Qi stagnation in the Channels/Collaterals
BU YANG HUAN WU TANG Hemiplegia due to Qi/Blood stagnation in the channels with Qi deficiency
FU YUAN HUO XUE TANG Blood stasis & Qi stagnation in the trunk due to trauma
WEN JING TANG Chong & Ren Deficiency - Cold with Blood stasis causing irregular menstruation
SHENG HUA TANG Blood & Cold stagnation causing postpartum lochial retention
GUI ZHI FU LING WAN Blood stasis in the uterus during pregnancy
SHI XIAO SAN Blood stasis in the lower abdomen causing pain
DAN SHEN YIN Blood & Qi stagnation in the Upper/Middle burners causing chest pain
SHI HUI SAN Acute bleeding due to LV & ST Fire with Blood Heat
XIAO JI YIN ZI Heat causing urinary bleeding
HUAI HUA SAN Rectal bleeding due to LI Wind-Heat or Damp-Heat Toxin
JIAO AI TANG Uterine bleeding due to Chong & Ren Deficiency-Cold with Blood deficiency
CHUAN XIONG CHA TIAO SAN Headache from exterior Wind
CANG ER ZI SAN Wind causing nasal congestion or discharge
XIAO HUO LUO DAN Wind-Phlegm obstruction with Blood stasis in the channels & collaterals
XIAO FENG SAN Wind-Damp-Heat in the skin causing pruritis
LING JIAO GOU TENG TANG Heat from excess in the LV channel generating internal Wind
ZHEN GAN XI FENG TANG LV Yang rising & internal Wind due to LV & KD Yin deficiency
TIAN MA GOU TENG YIN LV Yang rising; LV Yang rising causing Internal Wind
XING SU SAN Cool-Dryness
QING ZAO JIU FEI TANG Dryness attacking the LU
MAI MEN DONG TANG LU/ST Qi & Yin deficiency
PING WEI SAN Damp-Cold stagnation in the SP/ST
HUO XIANG ZHENG QI SAN Damp stagnation in the Middle burner + External Wind-Cold
YIN CHEN HAO TANG Jaundice due to LV/GB Damp-Heat
BA ZHENG SAN Damp-Heat clumping in the Lower burner
ER MIAO SAN Damp-Heat lodging in Lower burner
WU LING SAN Water-Damp retention marked by edema; Taiyang Fu syndrome
ZHU LING TANG Water & Heat retention in the UB with Yin injury
WU PI SAN SP Qi deficiency with excessive Damp causing skin edema (Pi Shui)
LING GUI ZHU GAN TANG LU Damp-Phlegm or Phlegm-fluid (Tan Yin) syndrome
ZHEN WU TANG KD & SP Yang deficiency causing Water retention
SHI PI YIN Yin edema due to SP & KD Yang deficiency
BI XIE FEN QING YIN Cloudy urination due to KD Yang Deficiency-Cold
QIANG HUO SHENG SHI TANG Acute Bi syndrome due to Wind-Damp in the channel and muscle layer
JUAN BI TANG Acute Bi syndrome due to Wind-Cold-Damp (deficiency)
DU HUO JI SHENG TANG Chronic Bi syndrome with LV/KD deficiency & Qi/Blood deficiency
GUI ZHI SHAO YAO ZHI MU TANG Recurrent painful obstruction with localized Heat
ER CHEN TANG Damp-Phlegm syndrome in the Middle burner or LU
WEN DAN TANG GB & ST disharmony with Phlegm-Heat
QING QI HUA TAN WAN LU Phlegm-Heat causing cough
BEI MU GUA LOU SAN LU Dry-Phlegm causing cough
SAN ZI YANG QIN TANG LU Phlegm-Cold with Qi stagnation
BAN XIA BAI ZHU TIAN MA TANG Internal Wind-Phlegm rising upward causing dizziness/vertigo
ZHI SOU SAN External Wind attacking the LU causing cough
BAO HE WAN Food retention in the Middle burner
WU WEI XIAO DU YIN All types of boils and carbuncles due to accumulation of Toxic-Heat
YANG HE TANG Yin-type (deep-rooted) localized swelling due to Blood & Yang deficiency
WEI JING TANG Lung abscesses from Toxic-Heat accompanied by Phlegm and Blood stasis
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