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Surgery EOR

What is the most common type of thyroid nodule? benign thyroid adenoma
Are most thyroid nodules malignant? %? No; only 5% are malignant
Follicular adenoma of thyroid - rare or common? common
What is a rare type of thyroid nodule? papillary adenoma
What specific type of thyroid nodule cell has eosinophilic staining and malignant potential? Hurtle cell
If a solitary thyroid nodule is found, what should be done? FNA
What are the three possible findings with FNA done on a solitary thyroid nodule? malignant; hypercellular follicular neoplasm, benign
Cold nodule vs hot nodule - which is more dangerous? cold nodule; it's not functioning; requires surgery
What can be done to see if a nodule is hot or cold? RAIU scan
What is the most sensitive test to detect thyroid lesions? high resolution U/S ;
Is CT or US preferred when scanning thyroid lesions? US
If a thyroid nodule is specific for malignancy, what test can be performed to biopsy? US-guided FNA
What is the most common solid renal tumor of childhood? Wilm's tumor
What kind of tumor is Wilm's tumor? nephroblastoma
What is the initial study of choice to evaulate abdominal masses in kids? US
If a pt is suspected to have Wilm's tumor, what study is preferred? abdominal CT; allows assessment of tumor extension and regional lymph spread
When is CXR used in Wilm's tumor assessment? to look for presence of metastases
What is the most effective treatment for Wilm's tumor? surgery, chemo, and sometimes radiation
Are Wilm's tumors chemosensitive or resistant? chemosensitive
In what cases is radiation used in Wilm's tumor? higher staged Wilm's tumor; stage III or IV, or for tumors with focal anaplasion
What is the treatment of choice for resectable wilm's tumors? radical nephrectomy with lymph node sampling
If a Wilm's tumor is unresectable, what is the treatment? pre-op bx followed by tumor
If a Wilm's tumor has anaplasia, is this associated with a better or poorer prognosis? poorer
What are common risk factors associated with bladder cancer? tobacco exposure, occupational carcinogens (rubber, dye), cyclophosphamide
What gender is more likely to get bladder carcinoma? What ages? Males; 40-70
Most common presenting sx of bladder carcinoma? painless hematuria; also can have bladder irritability and infection
If you suspect a patient has bladder carcinoma, what is the definitive diagnostic procedure? What confirms? cytoscopy; biopsy confirms
You do a cytoscopy of a bladder carcinoma and confirm that the patient has superficial lesions; what is the treatment of choice? endoscopic resection and fulguration; cytoscopy every 3 months
In which cases of bladder carcinoma is radical cystectomy the correct treatment? recurrent cancer, diffuse TCC in situ, muscle-invasive tumors
When is external beam radiation used in bladder carcinoma? individuals who are not surgical candidates due to significant comorbid conditions
What are the most common causes of small bowel obstruction post-op adhesions
T/F = in small bowel obstructions, there is a lot of colonic gas false
How is partial small bowel obstruction managed? IV hydration and NG decompression
What childhood history increases the chances of thyroid carcinoma? childhood radiation to the head and neck
Family history of what syndromes increase the risk of thyroid carcinoma? MEN II, Gardner syndrome
What is the most common type of thyroid carcinoma? Papillary carcinoma
Is papillary thyroid carcinoma aggressive or bening? least aggressive; spreads by local estention
What test is usually used to detect thyroid carcinoma? US
What might be useful for residual disease? RAIU ablation
What is the strongest associated risk factor for testicular cancer? right-sided cryptochidism
What is often done as a diagnostic when testicular cancer is suspected? scrotal u/s
What is often high in the blood when a patient has testicular cancer? alpha fetoprotein
Are most testicular cancers radioresistant or radiosensitive? radioresistant
What is done for dx and tx reasons in cases of testicular cancer? orchiectomy
What is the global name for NE, epi, etc.? catecholamines
What is a pheochromoctyoma? catecholamine-secreting tumors arising from the cells of the adrenal medulla;
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