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Skywest Pre-Packet Acronyms

AC aircraft
ACAA air carrier access act
ADA ADA americans with disability act
AE american eagle
AED automated external defibrillator
AFT rearward
AFT FA rearward flight attendant
APU auxillary power unit
AS alaska airlines operated by skywest
ASAP aviation safety action program
ATC air traffic control
BCK biohazard cleaning kit
CDK communicable disease kit
CFA chief flight attendant
FAPM flight attendant policy manual
CRJ CRJ canadair regional jet
CRM crew resource management
CRO complaint resolution official
CSA customer service agent
DGHM dangerous goods and hazardous material
DLC delta connection
DOT department of transportation
EDK extended delay kit
EGD extended ground delay
EMB 120 embraer brasilia aircraft
EMK emergency medical kit
EOW extended overwater operation
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
FA flight attendant
FO first officer
FAA federal aviation administration
FAK first aid kit
FAM federal air marshal
FAR federal aviation regulation
FFDO federal flight deck officer
FFOD first flight of the day
FWD forward
FWD FA forward flight attendant
GPU ground power unit
GSC ground security coordinator
GSD galley service door
HHD easypurchase handheld device
ICE immigration custom enforcement
ID identification
INOP inoperative
IOE initial operating experience
IOR irregular operations report
LEO law enforcement officer
LSK lavatory supply kit
M2 delta connection cashless sales device
MCD main cabin door
MOD manager on duty
MX mechanical
NRPS non revenue positive space
NRSA non revenue space available
OCC operational control center
OJI on the job injury
OO SkyWest airlines
PA public address
PAX passenger
PBE protective breathing equipment
PBS preferential bidding system
PED portable electronic device
POB portable oxygen bottle
POC portable oxygen concentrator
POS alaska airlines point of sale cashless sales
PSU passenger service unit
PIC pilot in command/captain
PIN passenger index number
QR quick reference
RON remain overnight
SIDA security identification display area
SSI sensitive security information
TAFB time away from base
TR temporary revision
TSA transportation security administration
UAX united airlines express
UMNR unaccompanied minor
USE US airways express, operated by skywest
VSI visual service indicator
WX weather
ABS Automated Briefing System
MDT Manual Deploy Tool
Pacific Standard time Pacific Standard time Atlanta Georgia is in the following time zone
1600 If it is 1400 in Portland Oregon, what time is it in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
Mountain Standard time Denver, Colorado is in what time zone?
0300 If it is 0600 in Tampa, Florida what time is it in San Diego, California?
false Phoenix, Arizona does observe daylight savings.
first officer a pilot who is second in command of the aircraft
true a jumpseat is a seat in the cabin for use by a flight attendant in the aircraft cabin
preflight inspection procedures and checks that must be performed on the aircraft to ensure airworthiness is.
true interline is transportation on two or more different airlines
false remain overnight is where a flight attendant returns to his/her domicile
leg the portion of flight between two cities is?
operations The company office at an airport concerned with the loading and working of flight.
true a tail wind is wind blowing in the same direction the airplane is traveling
hangar building in which a aircraft maintenance is performed
ferry flight a flight that is set up to move an aircraft from one station to another without passengers
Created by: christymb68
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