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Hello World!

10 PRINT "LOSER" / 10 GOTO 10

Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup C++
Developed in Bell Labs C++
To print and input, write "c out" and "c in" C++
It is object oriented (classes) and adds generic programs (templates) C++
Allows template metaprogramming C++
Beginner's language developed at Dartmouth Colelge BASIC
Oldest high-level programming language Fortran
Developed by John McCarthy LISP
Used primarily in AI research LISP
Developed by Sun Microsystems Java
Originally called OAK Java
Compiles information into "bytecodes" Java
Given the "write once, run everywhere" property by its Virtual Machine Java
Developed by Sun Microsystems to use in HTML (scripting language) JavaScript
"Applets" and "Servlets" Java
Written by Larry Wall Perl
"Write once, read never" because of heavy use of symbols Perl
Camel and a certain type of Onion mascots. Perl
Used in web CGI scripting and log parsing files. Perl
Uses white space Python
Uses duck typing Python
Created by: The A-Man