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OTT Final

Long Quotes - 4+ lines = 1" Margin
Works Cited (3) Seperate Page, alphabetical order and hanging indent
Report Title (2) Centered and Double Spaced
Report Info (4) Name, Instructor, Course, Date
Widow and Orphan Feature Single line cannot be alone on a page at the beginning or end
Format Painter Copy formatting from one place to another
Proofread Key F7
Personal Business Letter letter written by an individual with business of a personal nature
Digital Footprint Data left behind by users on digital services
Passive Is created when date is collected without the user knowing
Active When personal data is released deliberately by the user for sharing information
Piracy the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work
Cyber Bullying Intimidation online
Hardware In the computer world, refers to the physical components that make up a computer system.
Software/Applications Program installed in the operating system or a browser (chrome) that solves a problem, completes training, entertainment productivity or performs a certain task.
U.R.L. Uniform Resource Locator
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
The web browser reads this __________ and converts it into formatted content. HTML Code
Search Engines Website with a searchable database that allows a user to search for information on the Internet. This includes commercial and subscription/literary databases
Templates a standard doc containing layout and styles used to configure word processing software.
Patterns A mechanical pattern or mold with one or more shape used to guide the manufature or drawing
Master Something that serves as a master pattern from which other similar things
Wikis Resource website with information created by the users. The content is developed, maintained and edited by those who use it. Wikis can be a great way to gain knowledge about a subject but the material needs to be verified for accuracy.
Cloud Computing the idea of using software and storing files on the internet through a browser
Examples of Cloud Computing Google Docs Windows Live Facebook YouTube
File Extensions tells your computer what type of software/application to use to open that file
Examples of File Extensions Docx - Word 2007 Doc - Word 2003 Xlsx - Excel 2007 Exe - Excutable file, program to run on your computer
Define AUP The acceptable use policy is an agreement that employees/students will sign to gain access to the organizations computer network.
What does the AUP do? It protects the organization if they need to take action against those who use the computer network for inappropriate things or in inappropriate ways.
Piracy is the installing or downloading of unlicensed media
Created by: 16esmith