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Name the Artist

Given the name of a piece of art (and possibly a description), give the painter

The Visitation Jacobo Pontormo
The Greeting Bill Viola
Remembering Ai Wei Wei
Balloon Dog Jeff Koons
Untitled Film Still 21 Cindy Sherman
Spoonbridge and Cherry Claes Odenburg
Ladder and Wheelchair John Lekay
St. Francis in Ectstasy Julian Schnabel
Darkytown Rebellion Kara Walker
Flowers from the village of Ponkotan Haruki Murakami
So Sorry Ai Wei Wei
Nelson's Ship in a Bottle Yinka Shonibare
Movement in Squares Bridget Riley
The Fountain Marcel Duchamp
L.H.O.O.Q Marcel Duchamp
Jimson Weed Georgia O'Keefe
One Number 31 Jackson Pollock
Angel Last Judgement Wassily Kandinsky
Ceramic Pot Maria Martinez
Woman with a Hat Henri Matisse
Les DeMoiselles d'Avignon Pablo PIcasso
The Weeping Woman Pablo Picasso
The Son of Man Rene Magritte
Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali
Campbell's Soup Can Andy Warhol
Spiral Jenny Robert Smithson
Hunting Birds Nabanum
Last Judgement Weighing fo the Heart Hunefer
Grave Marker Dipylon Amphora
Iconoclasm Chludov Psalter
The Birth of Venus Botticelli
Rhinoceros Engraving Albrecht Durer
Madonna with the long Neck Parimigianino
Arnolfini Portrait Van Eyck