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A+ 901 1.1

CompTIA A+ 220-901 Objective 1.1 BIOS

When the computer boots, you hear two short beeps over and over. What is the problem? Memory
You upgraded your BIOS and now the computer says operating system not found. What should you do? Configure the Boot Sequence
When you boot your computer, you get the message "Operating system not found" then it boots normally. How do you get rid of the message? Configure UEFI Boot Sequence
You use UEFI BIOS and you want to boot from a USB. What should you do first? Disable secure boot in the UEFI BIOS
When the computer first boots and tests the hardware, what is this called? POST - Power on self test
You want to upgrade the processor in your motherboard, what should you do first? Flash the BIOS
To protect flashing the BIOS from interuptions, what should you use? UPS - Uninteruptable Power Supply
You install Windows 8.1 and want to use Hyper-V. What needs to be enabled in the BIOS? Virtualization Support
You want to boot from a DVD and you changed the boot sequence in the UEFI but it stll boots the hard drive. What do you do? Disable secure boot
What does BIOS stand for? Basic Input Output System
Where is the BIOS stored? ROM - Read Only Memory
Another term for programs stored in ROM? Firmware
You want to boot from a hard drive that is 3TB. What do you need? UEFI - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
Where are BIOS settings stored? CMOS memory
What are some common keys to enter the BIOS Setup when the computer boots? DEL, ESC, F1, F2
Your computer is forgetting BIOS settings or loosing time. What should you do? Replace the CMOS battery?
Name six things that can often be monitored in the BIOS. Temperature, Fan Speeds, Voltages, Clock, CPU/Bus Speeds, Intrution Detection
You want to keep users out of the BIOS settings. What should you set? BIOS Administrator Password
You want your users to enter a hardware password every time they boot the computer. What should you set? BIOS User Password
Starting with Windows 8, you can protect your computer from booting with unsigned software by setting what option in the BIOS? Secure Boot
Some manufacturers install a security feature in the BIOS that can track stolen PCs. What is this called? LoJack
You want to use BitLocker Drive Encryption the most efficient way. What should your computer have? TPM - Trusted Platform Module
Some addon cards have their own firmware. For example RAID controllers and fancy network adapters. What is this called? Option Rom
Your onboard network adapter is no longer working. You install a new network adapter into the computer. What else should you do? Disable the onboard device in the BIOS settings.
UEFI BIOS option to let Windows 8 or higher load the operating system faster. Fast Boot
What we now call the older pre-UEFI BIOS. Legacy BIOS
The BIOS will show component information for what devices in your computer? CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Optical Drives
To enter the UEFI BIOS while Windows 8 or higher is running. Charm Bar --> Settings --> Change PC Settings --> Update and recovery --> Recovery --> Restart now --> Troubleshoot --> Advanced options --> UEFI Firmware Settings
Older (non-UEFI) BIOS boot order. Power Good --> CPU --> POST --> MBR --> Boot Sector --> Bootmgr --> BCD --> Operating System
UEFI BIOS boot order. Power Good --> CPU --> POST --> Bootmgr --> BCD --> Operating System
Name two ways that can usually reset a BIOS password. Motherboard jumper or Remove CMOS battery
You messed up your BIOS CMOS settings and now the computer will not boot. What should you do? Go into the BIOS setup program and load Default or Optimized settings.
Created by: dlfrech