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Microsoft Access

Unit Review

Which of the following can be used to move to the first record in a table? (A) page up key (B) Scroll bars (C) navigation button (D) All of the above D - All of the above
If you have more than one table open, where can you find the button to switch from table to table? (A) Office menu (B) views button>view menu (C) Home>Window (D) Create>Other C - Home>Window
Where can you find the subject, author, and comments about a database? (A) Datasheet>Views (B) Office>Manage>Database Properties (C) Office>Print (D) Save As dialog box B - Office>Manage>Database Properties
Where can you find the drop-down arrow to change a record's first size? (A) Office (B) Datasheet Tab (C) Database Tools tab (D) Home tab D - Home tab
Where can you see the properties of each field in a database template? (A) Form View (B) Print Preview (C) Datasheet View (D) Design View D - Design View
What does using an input mask on a field help to prevent? (A) Opening the wrong form (B) Entering incorrect data (C) Accidentally changing data (D) Using the wrong field type. B - Entering incorrect data
Which relationship between tables means that both fields in their respective tables are not repeated? (A) one-to-many (B) many-to-many (C) one-to-one (D) one-to-none C - one-to-one
What type of query finds records with duplicate field values in a single tab or query? (A) crosstab query (B) unmatched query (C) duplicate query (D) simple query. C - duplicate query
Which button is used to give you a total of a column of figures? (A) Sum (B) Totals (C) Group and Sort (D) Apply filter A - Sum
What feature can make it easier for you to sort information into groups in a Report? (A) Control (B) PivotTable (C) Group Header (D) Form Header C - Group Header
What tool allows you to format controls in a form or report? (A) Property Sheet (B) Add Existing fields tool (C) Bound Objects frame (D) Report Header A - Property sheet
Which wizard would help you in setting up a mailing list? (A) Import Table Wizard (B) AutoReport (C) Label Wizard (D) Export Text Wizard C - Label Wizard
Which type of form includes both a datasheet and a form together? (A) AutoForm (B) subform (C) multiple item form (D) split form D - split form
Which term describes an alternative name given to a table or field? (A) Element (B) Alias (C) Report (D) All of the above B - Alias
Why might you add a calculated field to a query? (A) To link a database to an Excel worksheet (B) To manually recalculate the data in a query (C) To automatically recalculate data every time it changes (D) To ensure that equations are correct. C - To automatically recalculate the data every time it changes.
Which path allows you to view and run saved import operations? (A) External Data>Import>Saved (B) External Data> Import>More (C) External Data>Export>Saved Exports (D) None of the above A - External Data>Import>Saved Imports
Which button on the record navigator should you use to reapply the most recent filters if you have temporarily removed them from view? (A) Advanced Filter (B) Filtered (C) Sort and Filter (D) Unfiltered D - unfiltered
Created by: fluddg