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Bill Nye Would Be Proud

Developed by Linus Pauling Electronegativity
Ability of an atom to attract electrons Electronegativity
Sanderson developed equalization of this quantity Electronegativity
Mulliken developed a scale for it Electronegativity
Ceases after the Curie temperature Ferromagnetism
Is shown on an Arrott plot by having a positive y-intercept Ferromagnetism
Substances like iron, nickel, chromium, and cobalt exhibit this property Ferromagnetism
Described by the Ising model Ferromagnetism
HNO3 Nitric Acid
It turns skin and proteins with aromatic rings yellow Nitric Acid
Mixed with hydrochloric acid to make aqua regia Nitric Acid
Made in the Ostwald process with ammonia Nitric Acid
Atomic #28 and symbol Ni Nickel
Electrons were fired at it during the Davisson-Germer experiment to prove wave-particle duality Nickel
It is processed by the Mond process Nickel
Aluminum + X = Rayne's X which reduces benzene to cyclohexane Nickel
Commonly in groundwater Arsenic
Found using the Marsh test Arsenic
Combined with gallium, it is a notable semiconductor Arsenic
Used in the drug Salversan Arsenic
Created by the Bayer process Aluminum
Created by the Hall-Heroult process Aluminum
Used in the Friedel-Crafts process as a catalyst Aluminum
Completely reduced benzene Cyclohexane
C6 H12 Cyclohexane
Has chair and boat formations Cyclohexane
Process where a nucleus emits a positron or electron Beta Decay
The Fermi-Kurie plot models this process. Beta Decay
NH3 Ammonia
Formed by the Haber-Bosch process Ammonia
Oxygen + Ammonia =Nitric Acid Ostwald Process
Created by: The A-Man