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Onur-Formulas C6

Onur Formulas Chapter 6 Expel Damp

S&S of damp obstructing water pathways Edema with inhibited urination, dysuria (Lin syndrome) May also be diarrhea
Wu ling san (5 ingredient with poria) indication Whole body edema. Possible Taiyang fu syndrome (sudden edema, difficult urine, HA, thirst)
Wu ling sang herbs Ze xie, fu ling, Zhu ling, Bai zhu, Gui zhi
Purpose of Ze xie, Fu ling and Zhu ling in Wu ling san and Zhu ling tang Leach out damp
Yin chen wu ling sang (Artemisia annua plus 5 ingredient with poria) indication Yang jaundice D/T LR/GB DH + edema
Zhu ling tang (polyporus decoction) indication Edema D/T clumping of water + heat; Heat Lin (systemic edema...from abdomen down)
Zhu ling tang herbs Zhu ling, fu ling, Ze xie, Hua shi, E jiao
Purpose of Huan shi in Zhu ling tang increase urine output
Wu pi san (5 peel powder) "Pi shui" skin edema D/T SP XU
Fang ji huang qi tang (stephania & astragalus) Wind edema (Ext WD invasion with wei qi xu) Skin edema with hives.
Why do we use Transform Damp Turbidity in MJ formulas? Damp in MJ gives rise to stagnation and turbidity which inhibits T&T of SP
S&S of Damp turbidity in MJ EG/Abd fullness/distention, belching, acid reflux, N/V/D, poor appetite, fatigue
Ping wei san (Calm the ST powder) indication Damp-cold stagnation in MJ (belch, reflux, bloating, cramping, poor appetite, vomit)
Ping wei san herbs Cang zhu, Hou po, Chen pi, Sheng jiang, Zhi gan cao, Da zao
Huo Xiang Zheng qi san (Agastache powder to rectify the qi)indication Ext. WC with turbid damp retention (summerheat, ST flu, food poisoning (sudden turmoil with F&C, vomit, diarrhea)
Huo xiang, hou po, zi su ye, da fu pi, bai zhi, jie geng + Liu jun zi tang Huo xiang zheng zi san (Agastache powder to rectify the qi) herbs
Why would we use formulas to clear damp-heat DH invades from exterior/or interior dampness brews into DH. Dampness weighs down the heat and makes it difficult to clear. Can affect all 3 burners, but tends to collect more in LJ.
S&S of Damp Heat Fever worse in afternoon, heavy body, yellow, greasy tongue coating.
San ren tang (3 nut decoction) indication DH invade Wei + Qi levels (early stage); UJ SJ DH. Damp is more than heat
San ren tang (3 nut decoction) herbs Xing ren, Bai dou kou, Yi yi ren, Ban xia, Hou po, Dan zhu ye, Tong cao, Hua shi
Purpose of Dan zhu ye, Tong cao, Hua shi Drain damp thru pee
Purpose of Ban xia, Huo po Descend ST qi
Purpose of Yi yi ren Drain damp everywhere
Gan lu xiao du yin (Sweet Dew special pill to eliminate toxin) indication DH WFD in Qi level OR seasonal epidemic disorder affecting mainly UJ (but involves all 3)
Purpose of Hua shi + Yin chen hao Chief herbs of Gan lu xiao du yin
Lian po yin (Coptis and magnolia bark) indication MJ DH with sudden turmoil (Vomit + diarrhea, stifled chest and EG...)
Huang lian + Hou po are chiefs in this formula Lian po yin
Yin chen hao tang (artemisia, Yinchenhao) indication DH jaundice (yang type) (whole body jaundice)
Ba zhen san (8 herb powder for rectificaion) indication LJ/BL DH turns into heat, DH, bloody Lin
Most common formula for UTI Ba zhen san
Chief herbs for Ba zheng san Qu mai, Bian xu...drain DH thru pee
Shao yao tang (peony decoction) indication DH lodged in intestines (Abd. pain, difficult poos, pus=blood, tenesmus, burning butt)
Indications for Er miao san, San miao san, Si miao san DH in lower extremities & LJ (Weak, red hot pain of LE's; swollen joints; vag discharge, Lin, diarrhea
Huang bai + Cang zhu formula Er miao san herbs
Huang bai + Cang zhu + Chuan niu xi formula San miao san herbs
What does Chuan niu xi do? Sends heat down and out
Huang bai + Cang zhu + Chuan niu xi + Yi yi ren formula Si miao san herbs
What does Yi yi ren do? Reduces joint swelling
Zhen wu tang (True warrior) indication Severe Pitting edema below waist d/T KD & SP Yang xuMORE KD
Shi pi yin (Bolster the SP) General pitting edema D/T SP & ID Xu FOCUS on SP
Fu zi, Bai zhu, Fu ling, Bai shao, Sheng jiang Zhen wu tang herbs
Bei xie fen qing tang (Dioscorea hypoglauca decoction to separate pure) Cloudy Lin D/T def cold of LJ (KD Yang xu)
Purpose of Bai zhu & Fu ling in Zhen wu tang Strengthen SP to drain damp
Qiang huo Shen shi tang (Notopterygium to Overcome Dampness) indication Upper body or extremities/muscle layer WCD Bi
Purpose of Qiang ho Go to Taiyang (T9 and above)
Purpose of Du huo Go to Du (T9 and below)
Purpose of Gao ben & Fang feng Expel WD in Taiyang
Purpose of Chuan Xiong & Man jing zi Relieve HA
Juan bi tang (Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction) indication WC Bi with Yang & Wei Qi Xu (whole spine & extremities)
Du huo ji sheng tang indication Bi syndrome with LR & KD Xu
Purpose of Qin jiao & Fang feng Relax sinews, expel WD
Purpose of Sang ji sheng and Du Zhong T LR & KD
3 formulas for Cold Bi Predominant Qiang hu sheng shi tang, Juan bi tang,Du huo ji sheng tang
2 formulas for Heat Bi Gui zhi shao yao zhi mu tang, Xuan bi tang
Gui zhi shao yao zhi mu tang indication Recurrent/acute Bi with localized heat
Xuan bi tang (Disband painful obstruction) DH Bi syndrome
Main S& S of heat bi swollen painful hot joints
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