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Onur-Formulas C5

Onur Formulas Chapter 5 Treat Dryness

2 ways of treating dryness 1) Gently disperse and moisten 2)Enrich the yin and moisten
When do we gently disperse & moisten For externally contracted cool or warm dryness that injures the LU
S&S of cool/warm dry invade LU Dry cough, scanty sputum. Warm dry-fever greater than chills, rapid pulse. Cool dry-chills more than fever, tight pulse.
Xing su san (Apricot kernel and perilla leav powder) indication Exterior cool-dry invasion (chills, no sweat, watery sputum, dry throat & mouth, thirst, stuffy nose)
Xing su san herbs Xing ren, Zi su ye, Qian hu, Jie geng, Zhi ke, Sheng jiang, Da zao + Er chen tang
Purpose of Qian hu, jie geng, Zhi ke in Xing su sang Transform Phlegm and cough
Sang xing tang (Mulberry leaf and apricot kernel) indication Extern warm-dry invasion (mild fever, moderate cough, scant sticky sputum, dry mouth + throat, irritable, thirst
Qing zao jiu fei tang (Eliminate dryness & rescue LU) indication Severe exterior warm dry attack LU, damage Qi & Yin (high fever, severe hacking cough with scanty sticky sputum, irritable, thirst)
Sha shen mai men dong tang (Glehnia and Ophiopogon) Ext warm dry damage LU/ST yin (dry cough, dry mouth and throat, thirst
Purpose of Sha shen & Li pi in Sang xing tang Nourish yin & moisten LU
Purpose of Mai men dong, E jiao and Hei zhi ma in Qing qao jiu fei tang Nourish yin, KD grasp LU qi
Bu fei E jiao tang (Tonify LU decoction with ass-hide) indication LU yin Xu with severe heat
Bu fei e jiao tang herbs E jiao, Ma dou ling, Xing ren, Niu bang zi, ZGC, Geng mi
Yang yin qing fei tang (N Yin and clear the LU) LU/KD yin xu + epidemic WFD (white curdy membrane in throat)
Bai he gu jin tang (Lily bulb decoction to preserve the metal) LU/KD Yin xu + LU dry (cough, scan blood-tinged sputum, wheeze, afternoon fever, night sweats)
Mai men dong tang (Ophiopogon decoction) LU/ST Yin xu (LU atrophy, ST qi rebellion) ST Xiao Ke
Mai men dong, Ren shen, Ban xia, Da zao, Gan cao, Geng me Mai men dong tang herbs
Yu ye tang (Jade Fluid) indication LJ Xiao ke disorder (thirst + excess pee, lassitude, SOB)
Zang ye tang (Increase the fluids) indication Yin Xu, dry intestines, constipation
Xiao ke herbs (Yu ye tang) Shan yao, huang qi, Zhi mu, Tian hua fen, Ji nei jin, Ge gen, Wu wei zi
Xuan shen, Mai men dong, Sheng di Zang ye tang herbs
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