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Onur-Formulas C4

Onurs Forumlas Chapter 4 - Harnomize

Indications of shaoyang disorder Alternating chills/fever, dry throat, bitter taste, HC distention/fullness, N/V, poor appetite, dizzy, wiry pulse
Where is shaoyang located in body Between Taiyang and Yangming
Indications of LR & SP disharmony Sifling sensation in chest, HC pain, reduced appetitie, may be diarrhea/constipation (or both). Severe cases have chills/fever.
Characteristics of ST/Intestine disharmony Simultaneous heat & cold in MJ, mixed XS and Xu.
Indications of ST/Intesting disharmony Fullness/focal distention in EG, N/V, abdominal pain and distention, borborygmus, diarrhea
Xiao Chai hu tang herbs (Minor Bupleurum) Chai hu, Huang qin, Ban xia, Ren shen, Sheng jiang, Zhi gan cao, Da zao
Purpose of Chai hu in Xiao Chai hu tang Disperse Shaoyang EXTERIOR
Purpose of Huang qin in Xiao chai hu tang Drain Shaoyang INTERIOR
What does Ban xia do in general terms Nail earth into the ground.
Shaoyang syndrome & Cold in uterus formula Xiao chai hu tang (Minor Bupleurum)
Da chai hu tang (major Bupleurum)indication Shaoyang + Yangming syndrome (constipation or burning diarrhea)
Purpose of Da huang, Zhi shi, Bai shao in Da chai hu tang Clears heat for Yangming syndrome (constipation or burning diarrhea)
Hao qin qing tang (Clear the gallbladder)indication DH + turbid phlegm trapped in Shaoyang, DH in GB/ST (pronounced fever, bitter and sour vomit)
Da yuan yin (Reach the membrane source decoction) indication Epidemic malarial disorder; latent pathogenic factor trapped in Shaoyang (membrane souce) (Alt. chills/fever occurring irregularly, HA, irritable)
Si ni san (Frigid Extremities decoction) LR qi stag with yang qi constraint in chest; LR/ST disharmony
What is the base formula for LR Qi stagnation Si ni san (Frigid Extremities decoction)
Chai hu, Zhi shi, Bai shao, Gan cao Si ni san herbs
Purpose of Chai hu in Si ni san Raises the qi from LR14 upwards to reach LU meridian
Purpose of Zhi shi in Si ni san Descends the qi from LR14 downward
Purpose of Bai shao in Si ni san Moves the LR qi inward
Chai hu shu gan san (Bupleurum powder to Spread the LR) herbs Si ni san + Chen pi, Chuan xiong, Xiang fu
Chai hu shu gan san indication LR qi + Blood stagnation (Pain- PMS or dysmenorrhea, HC or EG, musculoskeletal)
Xiao yao san (Rambling powder)herbs Chai hu, Bo he, Bai shao, Dang gui, Bai shu, Fu ling, Sheng jiang, Zhi gan cao
Xiao yao san (Rambling powder) indication LR qi stag + Blood Xu + SP qi xu (possible damp)
Dan zhi xiao yao san/Jian wei xiao yao san) herbs Xiao yao san + Zhi zi + Mu dan pi
Dan zhi xiao yao san/Jian wei xiao yao san indication Xiao yao san indication + heat (restless, irritable, easy anger)
Tong xie yao fang(Important formula for painful diarrhea)indication Painful diarrhea D/T LR invade SP
Hei xiao yao san (Black rambling powder) Xiao Yao san syndrome + pronounced blood Xu (heavy menses, pronounced fatigue, dizzy, pale)
Ban xia xie xin tang (Pinellia decoction to drain the EG) indication Heat and cold stagnated in MJ (feels like phlegm ball stuck CV12/focal distention, N/V, diarrhea. "Pi syndrome"
Gan cao xie xin tang (Licorice decoction to drain the EG) Heat & cold stagnated in MJ ("Pi syndrome) with more cold and ST qi xu (dry heaves/vomit undigested fcod)
Sheng jian xie xin tang (Fresh ginger decoction to drain the EG) "Pi syndrome" with more heat/damp heat (foul vomit, bad breath, wattery diarrhea)
S&S for SI NI SAN (frigid extrem) (H LR&SP category) Cold extrem, stifled chest, sighing, irritable, dusky tongue, wiry pulse
S&S for DANG GUI SI NI TANG (4 rebellions) (warm meridians category) Long-standing cold extrem, fatigue, pale face, pale tongue, deep, thin pulse
S&S for SI NI TANG (frigid extrem) (Devastated yang category) KD Yang Xu + severe lethargy & desire to sleep in fetal position, watery diarrhea, pale wet tongue, Deep faint pulse
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