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Abstain To choose not to do or have something
Admonish To tell or urge someone to do something
Affectionately Feeling or showing love and affection
Affliction The state of being affected by something that causes suffering
Archangel An Angel of the highest rank
Assurance The state of being sure or certain about something
Beloved Very much loved; Dearly loved
Beseech To Request earnestly; Implore
Breastplate A Usually metal plate worn as defensive armor for the breast
Burdensome Causing difficulty or worry
Busybodies A Person who is too interested in the private lives of other people
Caught up To Carry off; Grasp hastily; Snatch up
Chargeable Liable to be accused or held responsible
Charity Love
Comfort To Cause someone to feel Less Worried, Upset, Frightened
Concupiscence Strong desire Especially sexual desire
Consolation Something that makes a person feel less sadness
Contention A Belief, Opinion or Idea that is argued or stated
Contrary A Fact or Condition incompatible with another: Opposite
Covetousness Marked by inordinate desire for wealth or possessions
Deceit Behavior that is meant to fool or trick someone
Defraud To Deprive Of something by deception or fraud
Delusion A beleif that is not true; A false idea
Descend To pass from a Higher place or level to a Lower one
Disorderly Out of order; Not in order of Battle; Undisciplined; Lawless
Drunken Given to habitual excessive use of alcohol
Edify To instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge
Endeavoured To strive to achieve or reach
Endure To undergo as a Hardship Especially without giving in
Ensample Example, Instance
Epistle One of the Letters to the early Christians; are a part of the New Testament
Esteem The regard in which one is held Especially high regard
Exhort To incite by Argument or advice; urge strongly
Faith Confidence, Trust, Belief
Feebleminded Fainthearted
Forbear To hold oneself back from Especially with an effort
Fornication Sexual Intercourse between an unmarried man and woman
Gentle Mild
Guile The use of clever and usually dishonest methods to achieve something
Helmet A Covering or enclosing protective headpiece
Holiness The quality or state of being holy
Iniquity A Wicked act or thing; Sin
Mystery A Religious Truth that one can know only by Revelation and Cannot fully understand
Nougth Nothing
Overtake To Catch up with
Perdition Utter destruction; Eternal damnation
Prevent To Come before or first
Quench To Put out, Extinguish
Recompense To Return in kind, Repay
Salutation An Expression of Greeting, Goodwill, or Courtesy by word
Salvation The state of Being saved from sin or evil
Sanctification Cosecreation Holiness
Shout A Cry of incitement; An Order; Command in war
Sober Not Drunk; Having or showing a very serious attitude or quality
Study To be ambitious; Pursue eagerly
Support To be a help
Temperance Self-Control; A Moderation in the indulgence of the appetites and passions
Testimony A Public profession of religious experience
Token An Outward sign or Expression; Symbol; Emblem
Tribulation Distress or Suffering resulting from Oppression or Persecution
Uncleanness Morally or Spiritually Impure
Unreasonable Not fair, Sensible or appropriate
Vain Having no Real Value; Idle; Worthless
Vengeance Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense
Wicked Morally very bad; Evil
Achaia A Roman province, A Narrow strip of territory in Greece, On the north-west of the Peloponnesus
Athens The Capital of Greece
Paul A Missionary and Apostle to the gentiles: Author of I & II Thessalonians and several other epistles
Greece A Republic in South Europe at the south end of the Balkan Peninsula, Its Capital: Athens
Philippi A Ruined city in northeast Greece in Macedonia: The Site of one of the first Christian churches in Europe Founded by Paul
Macedonia An ancient kingdom in the Balkan Peninsula in South Europe
Silvanus The same as Silas, Paul's Companion on his second Missionary journey
That Wicked Is the little horn; The Prince that shall come, The King of the north, The Man of sin, the Beast
Thessalonians Inhabitants of ancient Thessalonica, The Greek form of the name of Timothy
Timotheus The Greek form of the name of Timothy
Timothy A Disciple and Companion of the apostle Paul to whom Paul addressed two Epistles, I and II Timothy
Trump of God Occurs at the rapture of the church before Daniel's 70th week
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