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What is American Sign Language (ASL)? A language capable of expressing abstract ideas and a language utilizing space and movement to convey meaning.
Historically, American Sign Language is related to what? French Sign Language.
American Sign Language is used by most Deaf people in which of the following countries. Canada and the US.
Approximately what percent of Deaf people who marry are married to other Deaf people? 90 percent.
American Sign Language is traditionally handed down from generation to generation through what? Residential schools for the Deaf
The role of facial expressions, head movements, and eye gaze in American Sign Language is primarily what grammatical
While watching another person sign, it is appropriate to focus on the signer's what? the signer's face.
Among ASL signers, fingerspelling is mainly used in what ways? to specify brand names, to empathize a word and to give names to people and places.
American Sign Language makes use if the space in front of a signer's body do what? convey distance, contrast two people, places, things or ideas and to express time concepts.
To get the attention of a Deaf person who is looking the other way, you should do what. tap him/her on the shoulder, flick the lights, stomp on the floor.
If your path is blocked by two signers conversing with each other, you should do what? go ahead and walk through.
Which of the following are considered rude by Deaf people? watching a signed conversion and talking (using your voice) in the presence of Deaf people.
In general, the least effective communication strategy between Deaf and hearing people is what? speech and lip-reading.
Which of the following are valued in the Deaf community? community to govern own affairs, being kept informed about the community and its members, to have a sense of social obligation and duty to the group and to develop long term relationships.
Other than the word "Deaf" a culturally appropriate way to identify Deaf people would be to say they are what? trick question. Deaf people prefer being called deaf.
What non-manual facial expression represents a y/n question? raised eyebrows
What non-manual facial expression represents a wh-question? furrow eyebrows.
When the doctor informs Matt's Mom that he is profoundly deaf, what does the doctor recommend for Matt? The doctor recommends Matt to go to a deaf school, this is uncommon to happen.
Where does Matt got to school? What type of placement is that? Matt goes to a mainstream school
How do the other students treat Matt in elementary school? The other kids bully and make fun of him. Matt doesn't like them very much.
What does Matt's grandfather work on with Matt? He helps work on him with his speech (talking).
How does Matt's grandfather feel about signing? Matt's grandfather disagrees with it.
What does the wrestling coach, originally, think about Matt joining the team? the coach feels that he has no potentially but then in practice the coach discovers that Matt has a talent for wrestling.
How do the coach and Matt communicate with each other? he communicates through writing.
What was Michelle's reasons for saying "No" when Matt asked her to the prom? He says that he could hear the vibrations of her saying "No" he then angry stomps off.
Why was Michelle upset with Matt all throughout their date? Matt cant pick up on social ques. He has trouble ordering food, and he is very aggressive to the people in back of him in the drive thru line.
Where is Matt accepted to college? (list both) Winchester and RIT.
What communication problems did Matt experience in college? Was the interpreter effective? Matt couldn't understand ASL. The college assume he knew ASL but he didn't.
What happened to Matt's scholarship? Matt's GPA is below the minimal requirement to stay in.
What does Matt's grandfather offer to do so that Matt can have an education? stop feelings sorry for himself, he then sends matt to RIT.
What Deaf culture rule does Matt learn walking across campus at RIT? people were warning him if someone is coming or if he going to run into something.
What does Matt tell his roommate about his experience growing up? He told him that he was the only deaf child in town.
to help improve his signing, and communicating skills with other students what does Matt's friend suggest he do? They suggest he turn off his voice.
Who does Matt's teammate introduce him to at the party? Why does she say she is a the party? The teammate introduces Kristi, Who wants to pass a senate bill of deaf education.
Why do so many people attend the wrestling match? they want to watch "The Hammer" which is Matt's nickname.
Where does Matt take Kristi on their first date? They walk in the woods to the waterfall.
What does Matt say his 1st language is? Matt said that English is his language because he was the only Deaf kid in town.
contact him at college? What's the message? On the TTY the mom contacts matt. Tells Matt that grandpa is sick.
What did Matt's grandfather learn? he learned ASL.
Why is Kristi mad at Matt when he returns to school? What did she say was his problem? He didn't tell Kristi where he went and his problem was that he doesn't communicate with her.
Why is Matt's coach mad him? What I sin jeopardy due to his choices? He left without telling anyone. No competing in the National Championships is in jeopardy.
What did Matt do to try and make up with Kristi? He started to help campaign for the deaf bill to pass.
According to the coach, what is at stake in the last round of the national championships? The last stake is Matt fighting against Jason and winning the nationals.
What's the crowd's response to Matt's injury? They are outraged with the other team. They started to riot.
What is Matt the first Deaf person to do? The first Deaf person to win national championships.
What does Matt pursue as a career after college? He got a degree in electrical engineering then he went on to the UFC.
Translate this sentence into English "SING MUSIC FOR US YOU NAMED P. I. A. N. O. M. A. N. SING IN NIGHT" Sing us a song, your the piano man, sing us a song tonight!
Translate this sentence into ASL gloss "Closing time, open all the doors and let you out into the world." STORE CLOSED OPEN DOOR GO IN WORLD
Make up 3 English sentences for me to translate into ASL Gloss. Results may vary,
Make up 3 ASL Gloss sentences for me to translate into English. ex:(RAIN CAT DOG) Results may vary.
Created by: campbell36



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