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TM 11-17

Shaz book TQs

Window period for HIV NAT 9 days
Window period for HIV EIA 21 days
Window period for HCV MP NAT 7 days
Window period for HCV EIA 51 to 58 days
Window period for Hep B Surface Ag 30-38 days
Window period for HBV NAT 40 to 50 days MP NAT; ID NAT 15-34 days
Window period for HTLV test 80
Which transfusion transmitted agent is only tested for once in the lifetime of the donor? T. cruzi, the agent for Chagas disease
current estimate of risk of infection with HIV from blood transfusion <1 in 2 million products
What group and "clade" or subtype of HIV is most prevalent in the US? Group M and clade B
Window period for 3rd generation anti-HIV tests? 22 days
Window period for HIV NAT 10 days
False positive rate for anti-HIV EIA 1 in 20K
Reentry testing for an isolated reactive anti-HIV EIA donor can be performed after this time has elapsed 8 weeks
estimated risk of contracting hepatitis B from a transfusion in US 1 in 250K
required tests for hepatitis B for donated units of blood anti-hepB core ab, HBV surface ag, HBV NAT
window period for HBV NAT 40 days
Risk of transfusion transmitted HCV 1 in 1.8 million units
FDA regulations of HCV "lookbacks" require collection centers to notify consignees within how many days? 30 days
Deferral period for a donor who test positive for West Nile Virus by NAT 120 days
The first transfusion transmitted disease tested for in the USA syphilis
Why do most blood centers use treponemal tests for syphilis rather than non-treponemal tests (RPR)? automation
Current residual risk for HTLV infection from a blood transfusion 1 in 2 million
Diseases associated with HTLV1 infection Adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma and tropical spastic paraperesis (HTLV1 associated myelopathy)
Region where HTLV infection is endemic Caribbean
Proven disease associations with HTLV II none
T. cruzi is transmitted by this bug triatomine bug
Which transfusion transmitted disease test is only done once in a donor's lifetime? T. cruzi antibody (Chaga's)
Rate of septic transfusion reaction for apheresis platelets 1 in 500K
Source of contamination for majority of bacterially contaminated apheresis platelet units skin (gram positive)
Organisms most often implicated in septic transfusion reaction gram negatives
What malignancy has been reported in blood donors whose apheresis platelet units test culture positive for streptococcus bovis and streptococcus G? colon cancer
Verax test detects these lipotechoic acid and lipopolysacchiride
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