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The Watchmen

I Watch Them

Ave Atque Vale (silent ashes of his dead brother) Catullus
Wrote to Lesbia (Clodia Metelli), his lover Catullus
Sirmio is the "most pleasant of peninsula" Catullus
Marrucinus is a filthy napkin thief Catullus
Eclogues Virgil
Georgics Virgil
Aeneid Virgil
Odes ad Epodes Horace
Ars Poetica Horace
Works about Sabine Farm and Bandusian Fountain Horace
Heroides Ovid
Fasti Ovid
Tristia Ovid
Amores Ovid
Ars Amatoria Ovid
Metamorphoses Ovid
Pseudolus Plautus
Miles Gloriosus Plautus
Aulularia Plautus
Menachmi Plautus
The Eunuch Terrence
The Self-Tormentor, The Mother-in-Law Terrence
Is a slave from Carthage Terrence
Tutored Nero, forced to suicide Seneca the Younger
The Madness of Hercules Seneca the Younger
The Pumpkinification of Claudius Seneca the Younger
"Carthago delenda est" Cato the Elder
Pisonian Conspiracy Petronius
Satyricon Petronius
Advised Nero, forced to suicide Petronius
Created by: The A-Man