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Chpt 20 networking

You are trying to locate which patch cable in the main switch traces back to a particular computer. Which tool should you use? A) Tone probe
The Windows tracert tool fails sometimes because many routers block _______________ packets. D) ICMP
What is the first step in the troubleshooting model? D) Establishing the symptoms
Kay’s computer has lost all network access. Which tool should you use to test for a break on the cable? B) TDR
Which command shows you detailed IP information, including DNS server addresses and MAC addresses? C) ipconfig /all
Which tool uses ICMP packets to test connectivity between two systems? D) ping
Which tools can you (and hackers) use to discover vulnerabilities on your network? E) Answers A, B, and C A) Port scanner B) Nmap C) Angry IP Scanner
Asking a user “Can you start your e-mail program?” is what type of question? A) Closed-ended
If you want to see which other computers on your network are currently connected to you, what command should you use? C) netstat
One of your users calls you with a complaint that she can’t reach the site www.yahoo.com. You try and access the site and discover you can’t connect either, but you can ping the site with its IP address. What is the most probable culprit? D) The DNS server is down.
A brand new employee is complaining on his second day of work that he can’t log into his computer. What is the most probable cause? C) He forgot or is mistyping his password.
When should you use a cable tester to troubleshoot a network cable? C) When you have a dead connection and you suspect a broken cable
Which tools should you use to diagnose problems with DNS? B) nslookup or dig
Which Windows command displays the local system’s routing table? A) route print
Use_____________to locate a problem between two routers. Tracert?
Use an____________to put wires into 66 and 110 blocks. Punch down tool
An___________test cables to ensure they can handle their rated capacity. certifiers
If ICMP packets are being blocked, you can use ____________to test connectivity to another system. arping
________________is a popular packet sniffer/ protocol analyzer/packet analyzer. wireshark
To view IP settings on a UNIX computer, use the _______________command. Ifconfig
Use an___________to test AC/DC voltage, resistance, and continuity. muitimeters
_____________is similar to nslookup, but much more powerful. dig
________________uses ICMP packets to test connectivity between two systems. ping
An____________is used by telephone technicians to tap into a 66 or 110 block to determine if a particular line is working. Butt set?
Created by: Matthew28