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Oncology Labs


Auer rods AML
Reed-sternberg cells Hodgkins lymphoma
Tear-drop shaped RBCs on peripheral smear: Myelofibrosis
Smudge cells CLL
Lytic lesions on bones, pathologic fractures, hypercalcemia, renal fail 2/2 lt chain excretion = Multiple Myeloma
Rouleaux formation = Multiple Myeloma
M-spike on SPEP = Multiple Myeloma
Bence–Jones proteins Multiple Myeloma
Dx imaging for Multiple Myeloma Skeletal survey (not Bone scan)
classic triad for Multiple Myeloma Plasmacytosis, lytic bone lesions, serum/urine M-protein
Suspected Lymphoma: dx studies Lymph node bx; Bone marrow Bx; CT scan used for staging
Hallmark of acute leukemia: pancytopenia w/circulating blasts (>20% nuc cells in BM)
acute leukemia dx studies: hyperuricemia; +BM bx; high WBC; ALL: terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase, mediastinal mass on CXR
hallmark of CLL = isolated lymphocytosis (>20,000 WBC); also see inc mature small lymphs, smudge cells
hallmark of CML = leukocytosis (150,000 WBC); also see anemia & high plts
BCR-ABL by PCR = CML (has replaced Phila chromosome ID to est dx)
Blasts in BM <20%; Pelger-Huet cells (bi-lobed neutrophils) seen in: MDS
Multiple myeloma: BM bx shows: q13- chromosome abnormality
Part of eval for multiple myeloma (if elevated = very poor outcome) Beta-2 microglobulins
LAP = leukocyte alkaline phosphatase; Low in CML; High in leukemoid reactions
Fried egg appearance of cells (abundant cytoplasm & projections) = hairy cell
Hypogammaglobulinemia seen in: CLL
Anemia seen in which leukemias MM, hairy cell (NOT in CML)
Hodgkin Dz dx CT chest, abdomen, pelvis; PET scan; BM bx
NHL staging CT chest, abdomen, pelvis; poss PET scan; BM bx; LDH (tumor marker); LP if CNS dz is suspected
Osteochondroma on imaging Lesion with peripheral rim of calcification and stippled calcification within lesion
AFP (alfa fetoprotein) is a marker for: HCC (liver), testicular ca
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