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TM 6-10

The maximum allowable annual loss of RBCs for a apheresis platelet donor is ___ ml 1400
The maximum allowable annual loss of plasma for a apheresis platelet donor is ___ ml 12000ml if donor weighs < or = 175; 14,400 if donor >175pounds
minimum hemoglobin for double RBC procedure 13.3 g/dL or 40% HCT
minimum heights and weights for double RBC donors men = 5'1" and 130 pounds; women =5'5" and 155 pounds
expected iron loss in a whole blood donation 200mg to 250 mg depending onHCT
rate of vasovagal reactions for whole blood donation 5.3%
Who has more vasovagal reactions: apheresis donors or whole blood donors? whole blood donors
How long after a whole blood donation until a donor can donate platelets? 72 hours
How many platelet donations can a donor give in a year? 24
How many platelet donations can a donor give in a week? 2
How long does a platelet donor have to wait until donating platelets again? 2 days
If RBC losses exceed 100 ml, a platelet donor must wait this period before donating again 56 days
Is a platelet count required before first plateletpheresis donation? No
RBC loss must be less than __ml in serial plasmapheresis donors 25ml
How often are serial (frequent)source plasma donors tested for SPEP and total protein? at the initial plasmapheresis and every months
What frequency can RBCs be given in a case of exceptional medical need? every 3 days with medical director approval as long as hgb/hct meet requirements (13 g/dL for male; 12.5 g/dL for female
Ready source of platelets in NAIT maternal
Most common specificity of alloantibody in whites with NAIT HPA-1a
What are the additional requirements for pretransfusion handling when using maternal platelets for NAIT? irradiation and washing
The most common cause of transfusion associated anaphylaxis in the US. reactions related to antibodies to IgA in IgA deficiency
Who has a higher rate of viral marker positivity: A. Directed blood donor B. Volunteer blood donor A. Directed blood donor: because most are first time donors
Minimum hemoglobin required for autologous blood donation 11g/dL
Minimal interval between autologous whole donations 72 hours
How many blood donors experience a reaction? 2 to 5%
Most common blood donor reaction vasovagal reaction
Describe the demographics of donors most likely to have a reaction young (<20), female, first time donor or prior adverse reaction
Incidence of nerve injury from blood donation phlebotomy 1 in 5000
Incidence of vasovagal reactions from blood donation 1 in 40
Incidence of arterial puncture from blood donation phlebotomy 1 in 10,000
How is arterial puncture recognized? bag fills fast (<4minutes), blood is bright red
Which donors have a higher rate of vasovagal reactions: A. plasmapheresis B. whole blood B. whole blood
Why do apheresis donors get hypocalcemic? use of citrate as an anticoagulant
Symptoms of hypocalcemia perioral tingling, peripheral parethesias
Treatment of hypocalcemia oral calcium, slow rate, end procedure
Pheresis donors may be sensitive to this sterilizer which can cause allergic/anaphylactic reactions ethylene oxide
specific gravity of RBCs 1.08-1.09
specific gravity of plasma 1.03-1.04
specific gravity of platelets 1.023
Storage temperature for RBCs 1-6 degrees C
Shelf life of RBCs stored in CPD 21 days
Shelf life of RBCs stored in CP2D 21 days
Shelf life of RBCs stored in CPD1a 35 days
Shelf life of RBCs stored in AS-1 42 days
Shelf life of RBCs stored in AS-3 42 days
which unit of packed RBCs has a higher hematocrit: A. CPD B. AS-3 A. CPD is 80% HCT B. AS-3 is 60% HCT
Storage temperature for frozen RBCs minus 65 degrees C
For RBC units, this process is used to minimize the risk of recurrence of severe allergic/anaphylactic reactions washing
Name 3 risk that leukoreduction of RBC units addresses 1. FNHTR 2. TA-CMV 3. HLA alloimmunization
For RBC units, this process is used to minimize the risk of TA-GVHD irradiation
To make FFP, when does the separation of plasma and RBCs have to occur? within 8 hours of collection
Storage temperature for FFP minus 18 for 1 year (with FDA approval can store FFP for 7 years at minus 65)
Temperature of water bath used to thaw out FFP 30-37 degrees C
What is thawed plasma? After thawing FFP has a shelf life of 24 hours at 1-6 degrees C. When that time elapses it becomes thawed plasma which is good up to 5 days
What is the primary indication for cryoprecipitate? replacement of fibrinogen
What is the volume of a unit of cryo? 15 ml
What is the process for manufacturing cryo? thaw FFP at 1-6 C. Collect and freeze precipitate.
What is the amount of fibrinogen in a bag of cryo? 150 mg per unit
What is the amount of factor VIII in a bag of cryo? 80IU per unit
What proteins are in a bag of cryo? factor VIII, fibrinogen, fibronection, factor XIII, and vWF
Usual adult does of cryo 8-10 bags
Storage requirements for cryo minus 18C for 1 year
After thawing, cryo is stored at this temperature for how long? 20-24 C; 6 hours if closed system. 4 hours if open system.
What condition is cryo reduced plasma, CPP used for? TTP
How many platelets must be in a unit of whole blood derived platelets? >5x 10(10)
How many platelets must be in a unit of apheresis platelets? >3x10(11) in 75% of products tested
Storage requirements for platelets 20-24C; 5 days; gentle agitation
Storage requirements for granulocytes 20-24C; 24 hours
This is the most immunogenic of the RBC antigens D
Can you use RBCs from donors whose Antibody screen is positive? Yes, IF recipient is antigen negative or if unit is washed before transfusing.
Alloimmunization occurs in this % of patients who are transfused a unit of RBCs 2-6% for most; as high as 36% for chronically transfused Sickle cell disease patients
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