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chpt 18 networking

What should be created to establish normal operating conditions on your network? B) Baselines
Where could you find a list of problems that occurred on a system? B) Event Viewer
Where should backup tapes be kept? C) In a locked cabinet away from the server room
Your boss asks you for a diagram showing every server on the network. What do you provide to her? B) Network diagram
You are hired as a consultant to troubleshoot a network. Your client reports the network has recently slowed significantly. What should you ask to see first? A) Baseline
When using Performance Monitor, what do you call the actual component you want to monitor? C) Object
You are using Performance Monitor to monitor the CPU. You need to define what aspects of the CPU to monitor, such as the percentage in use and the percentage free. What must you configure? A) Counter
How do you create a custom log file in Windows 7? C) In Performance Monitor, select New | Data Collector Set and follow the wizard to select what you want to log.
What technology ensures data is still immediately available in the event of a hard drive crash? D) RAID
Where can you find the log files on most Linux installations? A) /var/log
Which protocol can an application use to load balance as a caching engine over multiple servers? A) CARP
Which program can be used to create baselines? B) Performance Monitor
Which backup type always requires only two backups to restore a system? D) Incremental backup
What is defined in a security policy? E) Answers B and C B) How complex user passwords should be C) How to deal with social engineering hacking attempts
What can help to maintain high availability? E) Answers A, B, and D A) QoS B) RAID D) UPS
The best windows software tool to use when trying to establish baselines is_________________. Performance monitor
An _____describes the cabling and connectors used in the network. wiring scheme
A ________ tracks successful and failed logons and logoffs. System logs
When network resources are always ready whenever a client requests them, they are said to have _____________. high availability
An _________ provides long-term power in the event of an extended blackout. back-up generator.
An ________can show the individual ip addresses, Tcp/IP applications used, and more, for all devices in your network, including how they connect. Network map(may have to work on this)
An _______ shows cabling runs and the type of connection in addition to showing every router, switch, and server and their makes, models, and firmware versions. Network diagram
An ________ provides short-term power in the event of a blowout. Uninterruptible power supply(UPS)
An ________ copies only the files that have been changed since the last backup. This backup turns off the archives bits. Incremental backup
An ___________ defines exactly what you can and cannot do with your computers and network. Acceptable use policy
An organization's____________ defines procedures employees should perform to protect the network's security. Security policy
___________ tracks the history of how a user or users access network resources, or how network resources are accessed throughout the network. history logs
Created by: Matthew28