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WD Principles

Web Design Principles and Guidelines

web design The concept of planning, creating, and maintaining websites.
shape Element of design responsible for the creation of boundaries in design.
texture Element of design that provides a feeling of a surface beneath.
direction Element of design responsible for lending movement or motion.
intuitive Having a simple to understand structure, free from cognitive load.
visual hierarchy Order or sequence in which our eye moves and perceives the things it sees.
size hierarchy Where the most important content or image is largest on a webpage and others are gradually smaller.
accessibility Text must be legible, colors not harsh, background not overpowering, and easy for all users.
typeface accessibility Selecting a font type and size readable to all and not too fancy.
color accessibility Color scheme and contrast that have harmony and balance.
Hick's law Law that states: With every additional choice increases the time required to make a decision (reduce options).
Fitt's law Law that states: Time needed to move to a target is dependent upon the size of the target as well as the distance to the target (make buttons easy to reach).
communication Providing written information, images, infographics, and audio/video or other media.
organize Provide a clear and consistent layout or structure that is divided and consistent.
economize Achieving more by utilizing less; deliver the most information by with less visual elements--free of clutter with high degree of clarity.
grid-based layout Dividing content into columns, boxes, and different sections.
F-pattern design Design a webpage that complements that natural reading behavior of visitors (up and over)
conventional designs "Tried and true" designs that add a hint of trust, reliability, and brand credibility.
TETO Test early and test often
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