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complete the idiom

A hot.... potato.
A penny.... for your thoughts.
Actions speak louder.... than words.
Add insult.... to injury.
At the drop... of a hat.
Back to the... drawing board.
Ball is in... your court.
Barking up the... wrong tree.
Beat around... the bush
Best of... both worlds.
Best thing since... sliced bread.
Bite off more... than you can chew.
Blessing in... disguise.
Burn the... midnight oil.
Can't judge a book... by its cover.
Costs an arm.... and a leg.
Cross that bridge... when you come to it.
Cry over... spilt milk.
Curiosity killed... the cat.
Cut... corners.
Cut the... mustard.
Devil's... advocate.
Don't count your chickens... before the eggs gave hatched.
Don't give up... your day job.
Don't put all your eggs... in one basket.
Drastic times... call for drastic measures.
Elvis has left... the building.
Every cloud... has a silver lining.
Feel a bit under... the weather.
Give the benefit... of the doubt.
Hear it through... the grapevine.
Hit the nail... on the head.
Hit the... sack.
In the heat... of the moment.
It takes two... to tango.
Jump on... the bandwagon.
Keep something... at bay.
Kill two birds... with one stone.
Last... straw.
Let sleeping... dogs lie.
Let the cat... out of the bag.
Make a long... story short.
Method to... my madness.
Miss the... boat
Not a spark... of decency.
Not playing with... a full deck.
Off one's... rocker.
On the... ball.
Once in a... blue moon.
Picture paints... a thousand words.
Piece of... cake.
Put the wool over... other people's eyes.
See eye... to eye.
Sit on the... fence.
Speak of... the devil.
Steal someone's... thunder.
Take with a... grain of salt.
Taste of your... own medicine.
To hear something straight from... the horse's mouth.
Whole nine... yards
Wouldn't be caught... dead.
Your guess is as... good as mine.
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