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Unit 1 Chapter 8

Use of Colonial Morphology for the Presumptive Identification of Microorganisms

Define plate reading interpretation of Gram-stained smears from clinical specimens and microbial colonies. Provides initial identification of microorganism by microscopic characterization, description of physical growth characteristics of microorganisms on laboratory medium
Define hemolysis dissolution or breaking apart pertaining to red blood cells; a reaction, especially caused by enzymatic or toxin activity of bacteria, observed in the medium immediately surrounding or underneath the colony.
List and explain all types of hemolysis α-Hemolysis- is a partial lysing of erythrocytes around an under the colony that results in a green discoloration β-Hemolysis- is a complete clearing of erythrocytes around or under the colonies because of the because of the complete lysis of RBCs.
Define colony morphology and list descriptive terms used and explain or draw them colony characteristics and form. size form or margin elevation density color consistency pigment odor
Define pigment and give examples coloring matter or substance: green, sometimes metallic (P. aeruginosa) brick-red (Serratia marcescens) blue (Kluyvera spp.) purple ( Chromobacterium violaceum) brown-black (Prevotella melaninogenica)
Define odor and give examples the odor is determined when the lid of the culture plate is removed and it dissipates into the surrounding area old socks(S.aureus); grapelike(P.aeruginosa); putrid(P.mirabilis); mousy(Haemophilus spp); freshly plowed field (Nocardia spp)
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