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Internal Rhyme Rhyming with words within one line--ANYWHERE * Ex: Peter Peter pumpkin Eater
Repetition word or phrases that are repeated in different places in a stanza..... Like a chorus in a song-- Ex: Boom Boom Boom
Refrain Line(s) or stanza(s) Repeated
stanza stanza= paragraphs (but in a poem) like a group of lines connected together
Simple Sentence A sentence that has one Independent Clause
Lyrical poem a short poem that shows PERSONAL FEELING
Limerick Poem Funny poem-- sometimes 5 lines
quatrain 5 lines-- 2 versions (points of view???)
assonance The repetition of a sound or vowel-- Ex: gO mOw the lawn
consonance repetitive sounds produced by consonants within a sentence of phrase ANYWHERE-- Ex: Shelley Sells Shells by the Seashore
alliteration the repeating of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or connected words Ex: Big Belly Beats a Baby Boy.
Quatrain a 4 line STANZA!!!!!!!!
Rhyme scheme pattern of rhyme -- @ the end of a sentence Ex: ABABBA
Onomatopoeia Words that sound --Ex: Sizzle , Splash, drizzle, Crash.....
Free Verse poem poem that has NO meter No rhyme
Compound sentence sentence that HAS 2 or more Independent Clauses.
Compound Sentence YOU put a comma or semicolon between Independent clause
Complex Sentence IF dependent comes FIRST put comma after dependent clause IF Independent comes FIRST-- NO comma IF dependent splits-- comma BEFORE and AFTER
Blank Verse METER-- NO rhyme-- 10 syllables
Independent CAN stand by its self
dependent CANT stand by its self
End rhyme when symbols or words in TWO OR MORE lines rhyme with each other-- @ end
Complex 1 independent AND 1 or more Dependent
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