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chpt 16 networking

1. Where do most network threats come from? A) Internal users
What aspect of protecting your network involves theft of equipment? B) Physical security
Which of the following items make up the strongest complex passwords? A) Lowercase letters B) Uppercase letters C) Numbers D) Special characters This is the correct answer. E) All of the above
What is another name for port filtering? A) Port blocking
What is the term used to describe when folder permissions flow downward into subfolders? B) Inheritance
How should user accounts be established? E) Answers B and C B) Only given to specified individuals C) Allowed access to needed resources
Where would a DMZ more commonly be found? D) On a larger network
Just after opening a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Rowan notices that some of his filenames have changed and that his network connection no longer works. What type of malware has infected his computer? B) Macro
What problem does a rogue access point introduce? C) Unauthorized access to a wireless network
What is the difference between a virus and a worm? D) A worm replicates across networks. A virus does not.
Which statements about passwords are true? E) Answers A and C A) You should change your password regularly. C) Writing your password on a piece of paper in case you forget it is okay as long as you keep the paper in a locked drawer.
Which statement is true? A) A DoS uses a zombie whereas a DDoS uses a botnet to attack a single system.
What is a honeypot? A) It acts as a fake network, luring potential hackers away from the actual network.
You receive an e-mail from your credit card company informing you that your card number has been stolen. You click a link in the e-mail and are taken to what looks like your credit card company’s Web site, where you are asked to enter your credit card number to determine if it is among those that were recently stolen. What should you do? B) Call the toll-free number listed on the Web site to verify it is legitimate before entering your card number.
Which are examples of a software firewall? E) Answers B and D B) Host-based firewalls D) ZoneAlarm Pro
Bogus e-mails trying to trick you into revealing information constitute_____ attacks. Phishing
____________is when you separate and either allow or deny access based only on the packet type being sent. Packet filtering
A __________is either hardware or software that protects a network from threats by using a variety of methods. Firewalls
When your network blocks out traffic based on port number, you are using ___________. Port Filtering
The microsoft windows XP operating includes a built-in feature called_______ to protect from network threats. Windows firewall
The infamous smurf attack is a classic Denial of service(DOS) attack
Many IT professionals are surprised when they first learn that the majority of network threats are _________________, Internal
The ____________ is when a network administrator has set up a perimeter defense using two routers on the outer edge of your corporate network between your firewall and the internet. Demilitarized zone(DMZ)
_____hides your private network's IP addresses from the internet. Network address translation.
A ________ makes copies of itself across hard drives but not across a network. Virus
The term ________ defines any program or code that's designed to do something on a system or network that you don't want to have happen. Malware
A __________ is a piece of malware that looks or pretends to do one thing while, at the same time, doing something evil. Tojan
_________ the process of using or manipulating people inside the networking environment to gain access to that network from the outside. Social engineering
_____________are the work of hackers whose only interest is in bringing a network to its knees Denial of service attack(DOS)
A ___________ is an unauthorized wireless access point(wap) installed in a computer network. Rogue access points
____________ is using another person's wireless network without that person's permission. Lenching
Created by: Matthew28